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Pancreas or celiac?

Feb 14, 2008 - 1 comments

Hello. My fiance has been having problems. He is 30 years old. He is dealing with severe abdominal cramps, runny stool and headaches. One doctor told him that he has chronic pancreatitis. Since we heard this he has been on a fat-free diet. It has not helped! So we have been watching what he eats. When he eats bread or buns it seems to cause the above symptoms. I was wondering if this could be celiac. I was reading that celiac can also cause the above symptoms. I also read that it can lead to fat digestion problems as well. He also has a tough time digesting lactose. I was wondering if anyone can help us with this problem or give some ideas on what it could be!

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by tiffanyfaith1986, Jun 17, 2008
could be celiac cause this disease makes you nauseas when you eat gluten,  I have a feeling this may be whats wrong with me to.  My blood sugar numbers rise even when i eat real good like wheat and the allowable if not less then the amount of milk for a carb serving, i think because it has gluten in it, and i also feel very nauseas.  A woman on dLife on this sundays show described exactly me when she explained it.  Thats when i jumped on the web to see what i could find about it.

Here are some websites you can go to, to see (the symptoms) ; (dLife)

go to the dLife one to see the video as well

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