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To anyone who doesn't believe in God

Nov 21, 2008 - 0 comments

Do you feel lost and confused, seeking the answers to life?  

First of all let me start of by saying how sorry I am that you are so lost.  Please do not take offense to what I am writing.  I am not writing this to try to hurt anyone or upset anyone, I am writing this in hopes that it will open your spiritual eyes.  I am writing this out of love for you and your soul!  God is real, heaven is real, and so is hell!  Jesus Christ died for all of us!  He died so that we may have everlasting life!  He died because He had to in order for our sins to be forgiven!  We are all unworthy of going to heaven, but because God loved us so much He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins!  Despite what we all may think, none of us are any better than any one else!  We are all thiefs, liars, adulters, etc.  We all fall short!  God does not need us, we need Him!  Although He does not need us, He desires us!  Let me say that again!  God, the king of all nations and things, desires us!!!!  WOW!  What could be better than that!  We will never be perfect, because we are human!  But God who is perfect can live inside of us & though Him & only through Him we can have perfection!  It amazes me how easy salvation is!  All we have to do is admit how messed up we are and accept Christ' death for us on the cross as a redemption for our sins!!!!  THANK YOU LORD! When I was younger that was so hard for me to accept!  I always thought what if I sin too many times?  Guess what, no matter how many times you sin Christ will always forgive you when you truly repent!  You must forgive in order to be forgiven, that includes forgiving yourself as well as others!  What I don't understand is how people can believe in nothing at all!  Life can only come from life!!!  How were you created?  By your mom & dad!  Animals are created by other animals!  God is life & He is the author of life!  The trees, the grass, humans, and animals are all life forms that could only be created by other life forms.  The bible, His word, is truth!  It predicts the future, it knows the past, it is the definition of love! If you don't believe in the bible, believe in the scientific facts of Christ! God is love, He is healing, trust, compassion, grace, mercy, and everything else that is good in this world!  Satan is real & desires to mislead you!  You know all it takes to be saved it to admit you are a sinner & you need God in your life!?  That is it!  Wow, how easy it that?  Faith is all you need!  If you do not believe in God, please do me 1 favor!  What can it hurt?  I ask you to say these little words " Jesus if you are real please show yourself to me" and just wait your whole life will change! What do you have to lose?  Nothing!  But you have everything to gain! You may be scared to say it because deep down you know it will change your whole life!  God is real & He loves you so much!  God goes out of His way to find 1 lost soul!  I have been through so much that God has brought me out of!  I am a living testimony of God's grace!  Please people think about what your reading!  That's all I ask.  

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