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Excited about being pregnant

May 26, 2012 - 0 comments

I do not think I'm going to make a doctor appointment until next week. Which they'll probably be able to take me whenever. I would think my doctor would want bloodwork done since I had a mc the first week of March.

I am only 12dpo and the hormones are already driving me nuts! A day or 2 before I got my positive I noticed I was crying at lame things. I cried a few times today, at stupid stuff on the television. I have been irritable and moody. I have been constipated. I have had right shoulder pain along with lower back pain, but I think it was either from gas, ovaries or somehow from the breast, because my chest itself felt achey. Anyway I haven't really had it today? I am having left side pain, which either is ovary or colon pain. Probably colon because it's most likely backed up or moving slow along with gases(tmi, lol).
I have also had more heartburn and of course, fatigue, but with my hubby working 3rd shift and sleeping during the day, that doesn't really give me time to sleep any with 3 kids running around. My #2 is ALWAYS on the go. I have no idea where she gets her energy!

Anyway, this cycle was actually the latest I've Oed since having Mirena out. I Oed on CD15! I also discovered a few months ago that I love raw almonds! They are so good! My LO, that is 2 1/2, likes eating them with me.

I'm going to continue temping for at least a few more days.
Excited to be having a February baby!

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