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memorial Day

May 28, 2012 - 3 comments







hep c

I have a part time job working in the kitchen of a Hunt club and I have found I really miss working. I enjoy the women i work with and the Hep c is know problem. they are kind decent folks who dont judge people who are having a rough time by the bad choices they made in their life. What matters to them is what your doing now and i must say it feels good to be a somewhat productive member of Society again . Although  it will be short lived as my neck surgery will be the 6th of June and i will have an expected recovery time of about 6 wks if all goes well. my Drs think I will be just fine and my surgeon says he will make sure I have blood since my platelets are down somewhat.Its a relief to finally have medical personnel in my corner. Some relief on the way as 3 discs are almost gone and causing vertebrae to compress my spinal cord. Once i have this done thats half the battle kinda makes the Hep C think a walk in the park after all the pain and suffering I have had because of this. Once my body is in less stress  I will be able to fight that much harder in battling this disease cirrhosis and all. Thank you Lord for what you ar doing and for the folks who have been so encouraging to me.

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1420486 tn?1384796753
by blondie717, May 29, 2012
Hey Molly, Sounds like you are having a nice time working @ the hunt club. Wow that is really wonderfull.
Good luck with the neck surgury, Hey they have come a long ways with neck and back opperations, Im sure you will do fine and have much less pain in the end. Pain free is good. Happy Memorial Day. Ginger

2038871 tn?1329801810
by mollybaby, May 31, 2012
Thanks Ginger I just hate surgery of any kind but looking forward to this one after being in pain for so very long. Yesterday was an exceptionally bad day I had more pain then usual but made it thru....hope all is well with you and yours how are the horse? I just love jorses I always dreamed of having a horse farm as a child. But settled for my dogs...LOL! Beautiful day today and enjoying it by resting.

1420486 tn?1384796753
by blondie717, May 31, 2012
I guess I am living the dream ;-). I always dreamed of having a tall white horse. And I have one almost! He is a tall TB white Tobanio/paint. He pissed me off a few days ago. He was bulling his son CoCoa. I might add his name is Bully for short. He is out of "Were in the Chips" and Spookie Doo. He is 13 yrs old and was my daily rider. I have rode that stallion all over Arkansas and Oklahoma. But me thinks he is too much Stallion for me to handle any more. So I was pissed @ him. Me and The Bull made a deal many years ago. I told him if he threw me I was gonna cut off one nut, and ride him again ;-), and if he threw me again, I would cut the other and ride him anyways. He was a good rider and Im still alive ;-0..So the vet was over and I was pissed @ Bull. I took out a hit on his nut's! ;-0. I said geld him.. Doc gave him enough dope to knock out a 1 Ton horse, had to trip him to get him down. Tied his leg back up to his neck. a 180 lb Cowboy was on his head to hold him down. And bully would not go out. He easily threw the cowboy off his neck. The vet said he know's what I am about to do. The vet was worried Bull might bleed too much. I was worried about that and the safety of the 2 men. So I called off the hit on Bully's balls. And he remains a stallion.  The Doc said he was the first one he could'nt get to. Bully was magnificent. He fought even when he was dopped up and tied down. What a Stallion. At the end of the day, I am happy he is still a Stallion.  I love him. By the way , I told him he better not **** me off again or "I'll get er done" LOL

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