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So, apparently I'm liking you more than expected. I'm falling for you harder than anyone. You stopped me from crying over two guys, your best friend and my first true friend/crush, without even knowing. I really like you, you know? Aha, you don't know. And you probably never will. So my friend and I were coming up with positive theories oh why sometimes you're so nice to me, and might even like me and at other times, you're so cold to me.

Our, well my, theory is that because I used to date your best friend, you don't want to show any kind of affection towards me. Because you don't want him to know that you like me (I am doubting that you like me though). Our (weak) evidence is that whenever Jordan isn't around, that's when you usually give me your jacket (well put it on my head and run away) and ask for hugs (the prolonged hugs. Hey, you're the one who refuses to let go first). Also, once when you weren't wearing your jacket I tried to take it from you (Jordan was with us) and you pulled it back. (That same day, Jordan pissed me off big time), even though you're the one that usually puts your jacket on my head when you aren't wearing it. Also, when you let me have your jacket for a week, I feel like you only took it back because Jordan kept telling you to take it back, not because you wanted it back (I do miss that jacket though). When Jordan is around, you don't consider hugging me at all, no open arms for a silent ask for a hug. But when Jordan isn't around at all, if he's far, you do ask for a hug. You silently ask for a hug and it's a longer hug than our usual hugs. Examples? When Cassi and I were walking you and Jordan, and it was time for us to split up, you didn't even wait or want a hug; you just said bye and started leaving. Although, whenever Jordan isn't around and I go with you to pick up your bike (since you leave it where I live anyways), you always ask for a hug before you go. And again, they are longer than how they used to be. And at the pool, what you did, you probably wouldn't have done it if Jordan was there. Haha, oh the pool... fun.

I remember so much, is that bad? I remember when I started scratching your back, that was hilarious. We were going to the mall and you decided to sit on my lap on our way there. I had nothing else to do, and you asked me (jokingly) to scratch your back. I still did it though, and I ended up telling you about two of my weirdest dreams. And I remember on that same day, when everyone was leaving in pairs, you ended up coming with me back to my house so I could get money and stuff (this was before we went to mall ofc). I remember when you were walking me back from the park because no one else wanted to walk with me, and on our way to my house we were talking about weird things and spent a few minutes trying to catch a lizard. During that time, you told me that you were just like Jordan but less PMS-y. We also learned that we had more things in common than we thought, like OBE and how we thought hugs were weird. Then when we got to my house, you ate all my food while I was being a slave and doing the dishes (haha), and on our way back I was awkwardly eating a banana. What else do I remember... I remember when I made you drink that organic milk because you have never tried it, and you thought it was gross too (who could drink that crap?). I remember when Joe wanted to ditch my friends and I and wanted you two to go to his house and play COD, but you said it was messed up and said that you would stay with us, then Joe eventually gave in and came back to my house. I remember when we all watched In Time at my house, you ended up laying your head in my lap and I had to pet your hair.. i miss that hair sorta. No, not only that. I remember countless of times where you'd lie your head on my lap in multiple places. My garage, my living room, our secret place, school o-o ...

I get very jealous very easy, I used to not get this jealous. Maybe because I like you more than anyone else I have ever liked (so far). I mean, all my friend said was that she was going to text you in the morning, and I started getting jealous because you don't even text me much (anymore). I don't get it, I don't know why I get so jealous.

I should go now, because this entry got way too long. Yeah I should go now. I really like my dog. My dog is playful and energetic, I have to chase him around a field of grass just to get the damn ball from him haha. He's the special breed of dog that howls in song-like tunes and can climb trees. I really like my dog.

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