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Feb 14, 2008 - 8 comments

dry mouth

Well, My teeth are falling apart. Having been a Dental Assistant for almost ten years, this is really making me crazy. So, I ask my DDS, why are my teeth going to hell all of a sudden?  He asks do you have a dry mouth pretty often? I say NO KIDDING , most of the medications I've been taking for years dry my mouth out like crazy, and I wave my bottled water out from under the napkin clipped around my neck, and tell him "I don't leave home without it". Then he tells me there's a product called 'Oasis' that you squirt in your mouth to help keep your mouth moist. I feel like crying. I take such good care of my teeth and gums, that I rarely needed more than a bit of polishing, no scaling!!!. Now, he tells me I need FOUR FRICKING ROOT CANALS. This news comes to me a matter of days after finding out I have stage 3 Cirrhosis with bridging. Now, with no prognosis as to what sort of life expectancy I have, I don't know whether to invest in root canals and crowns, or just have them pulled and get a partial bridge. I'm not trying to be morose or grimm.  We're all gunna die someday.  Realistically, there are decisions about my future, things I need to consider when serious health issues are thrown into the mix. I'm not making a bucket list yet, I'm just trying to make reasonable responsible decisions about things where my expected longevity needs to be considered. O.k. Me, Quit frazzling your brain. take the weekend off. I can't believe we've got another four loads of laundry. Didn't I just do the @##$%%^^&&* LAUNDRY? Say G'nite Ant B G'nite

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by sandi875th, Feb 15, 2008
Well sounds like you had a swell week...Hey I vote doing what ever it is that you want and not to worry about the money. If I found out I had stage 3 cirrosis, I think I would feel that I deserve the best treatment I can get. Sorry to hear about cirrosis, it sounds like your taking it well. You hang in there, you are tough and a fighter, I can tell by the little bit I have read. H, have faith in God and know you have lots of shoulders to cry on if need be!!

P.S Go for the least painful dental procedure!! I'm 43 and are having dental problems, I love my teeth but to keep them means lots of money and lots of pain..think I'll just have them all pulled and chew with my gums lol yes I'm Kidding but my husband liked the thought for just a moment..the perv...

Best of luck to you and keep your sense of humor, laughter heals!!

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by Wassup, Feb 15, 2008
Hey Sandi875th,
Yes, I had a *swell week, *like when you slam yer finger in the car door. And yes, I do definitely have my faith in God, a supportive family, a very comfortable sense of humor and last, but definitely not least, all y'all on this 'wondersite'!! You really help me through the tough parts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, one and all.  Wassup/ aka Ant B

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by Yellowfin, Feb 15, 2008
HAVE GREAT WEEKEND.  You deserve it


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by SJL, Mar 13, 2008
I know exactly how you feel about having your teeth going to h--- in a hand basket. I have the front 4 teeth crowned which are approx. 20 yrs. old. They have started receding and the metal is showing. The good thing, if you want to call it good, is that I have dental ins., which only covers 1,000 per yr. The estimate for the 4 crowns will cost me 4,000 plus if a build up or anything else springs up. I have already had the form made of my mouth and suppose to start dental work in the next 2 wks. I am beginning to wonder if I should continue or not? That's a lot of money! This is my 5th yr. of treating the disease~using all interferons that their are. I am now on Rituxan treatment for Cryoglobulemia.I am 64, but a young 64. I was forced to retire due to the side affects of therapy. 1b, stage 3, grade 4, with beginning fibrosis. Cryo has attached itself on as well as Neuropathy. I am not ready to give up and I am pursuing other methods, but at times like this I realize the damage that the meds have done to my body. I just had a VL and all enzymes looked really good, but the VL itself was 48,100,000. Yes, millions! This is hard for me to understand? I am going to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, and I know they are very competent. I also see a Hepatologist in Lakeland, FL. They both say that the VL means nothing and they expect it to jump around? Has anyone else heard of this? My prayer for everyone is to reach survival, but I am really tired of suffering all the sides and problems with teeth and eyes. I don't think, if I had known all the repercussions of this therapy that I would have ever done the treatment~let alone 3 times. I hope everyone is having a good night, and oh, is anyone else watching Oprahs live podcast? I am really enjoying it.

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by Wassup, Mar 15, 2008
Sandi875th, Yellowfin and SJL-  I guess I should have ciorrected this post awhile back. It occurs to me now that many probably still don't know that I DON'T HAVE CIRRHOSIS A well meaning Health care provider read me my bx results, telling me I had cirrhosis, I found out just aweek+ ago that I DON'T have it. YIPPEEE! Thank you God!!. I've had alot on my plate through the years, and really wasn't quite ready for that in addition to HCV, etc. etc. Thank you all for your well wishes, same to you but more of it!!! LOL.  Many hugs, Ant B

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by medicmommy, Mar 15, 2008
It is so odd that I read this post today...I'm in week #3 of tx and have been taking notes on things that work to help with sides...lately my mouth and tongue have been very dry and getting today I found some stuff at the drug store made by oragel...It seems to work..I'm not sure what else to do for oral care..I figured the soreness was caused by the anemia I'm developing...
I'm so happy for you that your liver is in better shape than you thought! (((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))))  I'm a firm believer that many people are like wildflowers...(You included!) Adversity actually makes them stronger...Have a wonderful day!

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by Wassup, Mar 16, 2008
Medic.. My mouth is still pretty dry, I'm not much of a gum chewer. I always thought that a lady who chewed gum looked cheap and common, ok kinda dumb and a bit slutty.  So, having said that, I've found that chewing sugarless trident white, helps keep my mouth from drying out so mush that vmy uvper livp styks to mvy teef, an iss hard to tavk. And looks really stupid too.  Anyone who's ever had chemo.  or neaRLY ALL, HAVE EXPERIENCED mouth bumps, sores. Oragel does make something for toothaches that helps mouth soreness as well, then there's Kanka, for canker sores, this stuff is the bomb. burns for a second and then the relief lasts for hours.  Good luck with that sweetie, Hugs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>back atcha, Ant B

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by Dee1956, Oct 14, 2011
Thank you for this journal, I am also having similar problems and it helps to read what others are doing
Thank you

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