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My Side Of The Story [Poem]

May 30, 2012 - 1 comments





too young for love

Let me go, you're making it harder as is
Why can't you tell that I already moved on, my heart is his
You're making it harder for the both of us to move on in life
I'm trying not to be mean, but I can't exactly be nice

You get jealous way too easy silly boy
When will you realize that my life is not your toy?
I'm my own person, I'm moving on in life
You can't just play life as a game, to just roll the dice

Too be honest, I was never yours to begin with
When I wanted to give myself to you, you threw me in a pit
I was just your plan B, I was your second choice
You were too busy to see the tears I shed that left my pillow moist

When she was the one who brought you down, I already moved on
Someone passed by the pit you threw me in and sang me a song
I was able to climb out of that deep hole of pity
And this person had led me into a city

When you came to get me, to give me a chance
I was told by the city to find you and say that I can't
But instead, I told you I could, how stupid was I?
I remember when I said that I'd rather die

The one who saved me stuck close by my side
Everybody already know that my feelings for you have died
Soon enough, I fell for the one that saved me
And sometimes, now and then, I think it's a maybe

Soon, I felt neglected, but I tried hard to fall for you
But in an instant I did realize, that I fell for him too
He treated me more nice and I even fell for his smile
While he was doing this you only threw me in a  pile

So I let you go to make you continue writing your story
Let me go, I even did this for your own good
I didn't want you to waste your time on someone who doesn't love you back
I just want you to know  that I did the best I could

There was no use talking to you, for my feelings for you no longer exist
I wasn't aiming to stay so long, not long enough for a kiss
But that's what you did, and I can take the blame
I was probably the one who created that flame

But thank you for trying, and thank you for loving me
Because that truly is something I never believed
I never believed such a thing could happen to me

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2004449 tn?1327707302
by teddybearLOL, May 30, 2012
awesome poem c:

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