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May 30, 2012 - 0 comments




Today is alright. I got my yearbook yesterday,with hopes of people signing it but so far only 2 people did. And in English, my teacher forgot about me ... AGAIN. So i had to print out my Canto in 3rd period, he'll feel like an *** when i turn it next period.
I'm trying to stay happy, but i just don't know how to explain how i feel. It's so hard to get all my thoughts together, because i'm afraid i'll say something wrong. I don't feel normal. I just want school to be DONE with, i only have like  ... 2 more days left.
And tomorrow is Kayla's graduation and i'm going .. and it makes me nervous and i don't know why. Also i haven't excersised in about a week, i haven't used my facial scrub thing. Although i have been eating healthier/better, and i have been flossing every day.
Why do i not feel happy ?

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