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the way the choir crumbles...

Nov 22, 2008 - 0 comments






  I wrote a long, long letter to the ugly primadonna and her husband, my music director today. Of course I haven't sent it but it feels good to know that all I have to do is press a button - like the D-day button for a nuclear holocaust. Oh, and it would be a bomb if ever I mail it off! What I'm afraid might happen is it would spell the end of this choir and all the good we do raising money for food shelves. Am I willing to risk this? Would it be right to let all these sneaky and narcissistic actions slip past uncommented on? This choir is full of fragile, eccentric, complicated folks that are zealous idolaters of our leader - or not. Some of us have seen beyond his genius and colorful personality and the larger picture is far more disturbing. I've just decided I'll post my ranting letter here! This is the home of rants! No one will probably read it but me and it will give me a chance to proof read it and make improvements regularly. I am this close to sending it out to, first the ***** and her husband and then, if I get the expected answer, to all the women in my "small" group - that will certainly have some effect. It may very well get me thrown out but I'm way over caring about that now. What used to be so much fun and the day of the week that I most looked forward to has become something I almost dread. Some of our group will not acknowledge what's going on in front of their eyes for fear that a pointed word will spell an end to this dream. They won't even admit to themselves the truth of why Linda keeps changing sections when the songs change. The reason Dave won't correct her. He'll praise the way we sing - tells us not  to change a thing - and then allow any number of people to move to a different section. What sense does that make?

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