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May 31, 2012 - 3 comments

I am getting persistent heartburn following
bread and almond butter.
I think the bread is the culprit.

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by My_Progress, Jan 16, 2013
Since going on the Fuhrman diet I have not had heartburn once.
Every morning I have a toasted slice of Vogel with nut butter, (cashew at moment), and jam.
(This is a cheat and not part of the Fuhrman diet)

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by My_Progress, Jan 20, 2013
I shouldn't have said that. I have had heartburn two mornings on the trot. It is either I have run out of Vogel so eating some other bread, or it could be grain in the evening, such as brown rice or quinoa. I don' think it is the mackerel.

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by My_Progress, Jun 09, 2013
I very rarely get heartburn now. I eat a slice of vogel every morning with no problems.I think avoiding carbohydrate/fats in the evening is key. Certainly eating both together is bad.

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