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Update since IVF#1

May 31, 2012 - 4 comments

Had my first ivf in march last year which resulted in a bfn. We decided to take a break after that because it was a very stressful experience for both DH & I. I've been wanting to do ivf again for a while now but with both of us traveling so much we haven't been able to give it a next try yet. But now we've decided to put all other plans on hold and making ivf our number one priority. I've taken this time to try to make a more healthy lifestyle for myself. Been pretty much off caffeine and alcohol since my last ivf. Eagerly waiting for AF to show up in June. It should be here around June 7th and then will have to get all my bloodwork analysis done all over again since it has been a year. If all the tests come back alright then will be doing ivf#2 in July. Getting really excited now even though it is long time away. Praying to god in helping me being patient since its definitely not one of my best virtues. Also we have changed our RE ever since our last ivf  as this clinic comes highly recommend from friends and many top doctors in india. Hope this helps us in getting our bfp very soon. Ive been hooked on to MH ever since I had my last ivf cycle in 2011. I don't post much but am always on reading posts and updates of all my lovely MH friends. It's just so amazing to see the different experiences we all share and yet come together for the same reason. To have our healthy happy babies in ours arms one day. I am so glad that I found Mh through which I've been able to share my experience  and been able to be part of others'.

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by clomidkid, May 31, 2012
I hope so much that it works for you, you will be in my prayers x
We had our first ivf in January this year and got a bfn, we are hoping to try ivf 2 before the end of this year but I may need a 2nd laproscopy and possible surgery first. Good Luck x

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by JustyouandI72, Jun 02, 2012
Good luck in July.  I'm currently on progestrone daily and in my two week wait.  I'll find out on June 6th if I am pregnant.  It's been very stressful.  I'm faint at the sight of needles and thought it would get easier.  It's still scary.  Fortunately, Ive had few physical side effects.  

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by Suhana2011, Jun 02, 2012
Thanks for leaving me a comment. I know the tww can be stressful. Keep yourself busy and happy. I know it's is easier said than done. I watched a lot of chick flicks and pampered myself with Mani pedis and facials in my last cycle. It helped me focus on myself. Well only 3 more days to go for you!Keep fingers crossed for your BFP. Sending super sticky baby dust your way!!

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by Gardezi, May 13, 2013
i wish u all the best in ur journey...loads of baby dust ur way...xx

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