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One moment in the life of rapid cycling bipolar me :-)

May 31, 2012 - 1 comments

Well to start by saying hi and thank you for the help and insight you have offeed me so far,
Today has been well, as I haven't really slept for 3 days is it really today or just a few yesterdays rolled into one!
On the + I have peace around me for 5 minutes
On the - It's never quiet in my head recently anyway, so I may as well be harassed by everybody. It beats having too much on.           On my mind and being left on my own to think...

Diagnosis -Bi-polar effective disorder, Rapid cycling.  Anxiety disorder to just round things off nicely.

Current state - mixed state episode that is verging on manic. Why do things by halves, if you're going to have an episode make sure that you cover ALL your bases.  Feeling everything all at once is no picnic so I may as well go for broke and say that mixed state episodes are my worst mood state and as I rapid cycle I have these more frequently,.      
I think I am being tested recently, just to see how much I can take and all things considered I've held up ok until now.
Feeling like I need a break , from what you ask? Well, from me actually. Now if I manage that does that make me truly gifted or in denial?  I can live with both.....;-)

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by margie123309, Jun 01, 2012
I am sorry you are feeling this, I have problems myself and hope someone is listening. My prayers and thoughts are with you........

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