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Day 5 of stims - scan results

Jun 01, 2012 - 2 comments

Had a scan today to see how my follicles are doing.  They showed as follows:

Right Ovary             Left Ovary      
7.5                            6
8                               6.5
7                               6.5
6                               6.5
6                               5 (x3)
5 (x3)

My endometrium was 5.8

I do however have a high resistance to blood flow!!  I've to double up on my aspirin, and get my acupuncturist on the case too.  However my Consultant said this will improve as my follicles continue to grow...I hope so!

She seemed very happy with the results even with the high resistance thing.

Back Monday 4th for another scan and bloods.  She has now said potentially my ER could be on 8th June...but this is the earliest she said it may take place.

Fingers crossed.....

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by Ginger077, Jun 01, 2012
How exciting!!! All the follies look very consistent!! I will have to take loxenox instead of baby aspirin to minimize chances of blood clots to embryo.

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by beddajess, Jun 04, 2012
I just want you to know that I am praying for you for your appointment tomorrow! I am sending you tons of baby dust in hopes that you will get your BFP soon! Big Hugs!!

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