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My experience after Mirena removal & ttc

Jun 02, 2012 - 0 comments

I have irregular cycles. I just wanted to add that I got Mirena after my third child. I had it for about 18 months. I got it removed the end of Sept and didn't get a period for 50 days" after" I had stopped bleeding from having Mirena removed. I had 2 more periods and ended up conceiving the beginning of January. It occured to me that I may be ovulating early and it turns out I was. I got a positive on cd10 of that cycle. But I did end up reading that ovulating early isn't good because it doesn't give the egg time to mature. Plus my luteal phase has only been about 10 days. Anyway, I don't know what really happened but I miscarried the first week of March. I was almost 10 weeks but the fetus was only 6 1/2.
    My doctor suggested waiting 2 or 3 cycles before ttc again. Also I read online that B6 could help with your luteal phase? I have it in my prenatals and read about it being in cherries so I started drinking Cran-Cherry thinking that might help. I Oed on CD15 and actually got my positive 9dpo. I had some barely there spotting on 13dpo (which may mean my luteal phase was longer since they say implantation spotting happens around your expected period). Although I got a positive before then, which seems strange.
Got my pregnancy confirmed at the 16dpo. My first Beta was about 888 and progesterone was 22 @16dpo.

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