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Stress and its affect on the deveopment of chronic diseases

Nov 22, 2008 - 3 comments

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In my book The Guide to Optimal Health: Creating Your Personal Wellness Wheel, we present an eight step program to improve personal health for the individual and group. The eight steps focus on proactive, preventative medicine, life style behaviors modification, nutrition, exercise, hormone optimization, stress management and optimism as a path to better health.

Its amazing how many people are unaware that long standing, poorly controlled stress can cause significant harm to the body. Dont get me wrong, everyone knows that its doesnt feel good to be stressed out all of the time but its more than not feeling good thats a problem.

Just to describe some of the changes, the bodys normal response to a challenge within our environment including perceived physical or psychological threat, it to increase the production of hormones which in lay persons terms "adrenaline". This prepares us to "fight or flight" after we have evaluated the situation. The hormone results in an increased constriction of the blood vessels of the body icluding your heart. Your blood pressure increases and your heart rate increases. The hormone causes insulin resistance and elevation of your blood glucose (sugar) so that your body has plenty of energy to run or fight. The mechanisms are all protective over a short period of time. However if this process occurs and continues unabated for a long period of time, it is detrimental to the body. It can lead to diabetes hypertension, enlargement of the heart, cardiovascular disease (stroke and heart attack), high cholesterol, alzheimers disease and cancer

Now what can we do to prevent this process. The answer is nothing. Let me rephrase that. Any person who leaves their home daily will encounter stress. No one can avoid stress. But its how we deal with it thats important. We introduce more of this concept and ideas about how to decrease the response to stress over the course of your life. Why relationships are important and more

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by mari32, Nov 22, 2008
im a young teenage girl who stresses alot i really want to help my self ..its too much for me?

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by whitepaws, Feb 23, 2009
hi there, i feel for you because i know what its like to stress a lot and not know how to control this, but i am learning, that you can control it, if you want to....its all to easy to say, relax, but that is the simple fact, now how you go about it, well...like i say i am still learning and have had it for years on and off..but a lot of it is down to that you may not be breathing correctly, yep i know that sounds daft, but its true. lie on your back and put your one hand on your ribs, now close your eyes..think about your breathing, breath from the lower part of your stomach so your hand mainly stops still, close your mouth and breath in for 4 counts then out for 4 counts, keep doing this over and over for about 3 mins, then berath in for 4 and when you breath out think, relax 2,3,4....in 2,3,4...relax 2,3,4....keep concentrating on this and your breathing, this should help...hope it does, im whitepaws by the way if you want to post anything back....

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by Tired55, Jan 06, 2012
mari32- Hi, sorry to hear you are stressed all the time, esp. because you are so young still. If you don't figure how to get your stress under control now you will really have both psychological and physical issues later. What is stressing you out so much? I realize that young people in this day and age have to deal with so much, including bullying (which has always been around but now there are so many more ways to do) peer pressure, drugs, and worrying about what the future will bring. We "baby-boomers" didn't have to deal with nearly as much as you guys do. Just hang in there and when you are super stressed find someone you can talk to and try to just stop and take a few nice deep breaths (in through your nose and slowly out of your mouth). If your stress becomes severe, you may need to get professional help. Stress can eventually kill you if you let it so getting on this site is a good start, good luck! Tired55

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