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thinking bad thoughts...

Jun 02, 2012 - 0 comments

Bad Thoughts











i have a very bad image in my head right now. an image i want to make a reality, at least part of me does. that image is of my razor, tearing into my skin, making a very deep cut, adding to the myriad of barely-fading scars... I want it so bad, and so often. can it be so wrong to betray the promise i made, if i want it this bad? i'm afraid i wont be able to live with myself if i break that promise, but cutting is the only way to ease the hurt... god i dont know what to do. i want to talk to someone but theres no one... it would be so easy to make the hurt stop, but at what cost? what is the cost of the only means of help?

i just need a distraction for now... something to hold me off until next time...

....oh and by the way, its really not a good thing that there's a straight-pin next to me... well, its not good, given i intend to refrain from self injury...

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