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  I live in a box

Nov 22, 2008 - 1 comments


That's all I really wanted to say; I live in a box. Now, what are you thinking? She's crazy? Is it some sort of a metaphore? Poor thing? My 6' boyfriend and I sleep on a 6' bed. My son sleeps on the floor and when my other son comes home on weekends he sleeps on the floor too. The room we live in is approximately 25' by 10' and about half has 15' ceilings.We have no closets, no kitchen and only a half bath. My husband left us with all the children's hospital bills and utillity bills and when they started taking payments out of my account I got behind paying for storage fees and all my household furniture, collections, memorabelia, home videos, etc - half a life time of gathering disappeared. I hate it here. I faked cheerfulness for a solid year but I can't find the will to do it any more. We are the laughingstocks of the town. Tonight I found my youngest son's new $30.00 library book open and wet on the floor.This book he checked out when he lost the new one we purchased for him as a gift (I'm a soft touch for a good book) a few months ago. If I have to pay for this book it will be th fourth one this year. I flipped out. Can you imagine living every day in one room with a 12 year old boy who has, encopresis, ADHD, OCD, severe asthma, ODD, and short term memory loss? Tomorrow I'll be apologizing but right now I'm just numb and unhappy. Poor kid. Poor me. Poor David.

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by eleaorchard, Jun 04, 2010
i feel everso sorry for you i have the same goind on with my step son, but he has a perfectly good home with me and his dad but his mum so selfish she wont let him come

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