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Oct 27, 2007 - 0 comments

Well, I had my thyroid test done this morning.  It was a little painful laying on the table, but it was padded and warm, but it only set up just a little and I had to lay my neck back across a pillow which hurt and it hurt when she ran the device over my neck and then when I stood up afterward, I was so dizzy I couldn't hardly stand or walk at all for a few minutes.  It's done and over with and of course like always, I asked for a copy of my test to take w/ me.  I come home and popped it into my pc and found out that I do have a lump on my thyroid.  As soon as the radiologist reads my test and sends the results to my doctor, which I will be calling Monday to give him the news before the hospital does, anyhow........when he gets the results he can order me medicine and yay............this may be exactly what I need to help me get back some of my life and health and help me lose the weight that I've put on this year from what I believed all along was thyroid related.  I'm sooooooooo happy that a test finally showed something that can be fixed!!!  Well, that's about it for now...........more entries later maybe..........

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