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Getting Healthier!

Nov 23, 2008 - 0 comments







getting healthier



I am so happy to say that for the first time in a really long time - I really feel healthier! A good friend of the family (who has known me since before my trouble with eating began - a LONG time) got me into the Raw Food lifestyle. I have really hated food for most of my life and I have learned so much about eating disorders through therapy... it's not even about getting fat!!! ... and now I feel like I can eat, well I am still pretty skinny but I am also healthy at the same time. I also have so much more energy to exercise and as soon as I get permission to go back to running and biking I cannot wait to get going...!!!

I am also down to weighing myself only once per week which was really HARD to do at first but this is my 3rd week at it and I feel like I can do it!  :-)  I actually did not gain ANY weight in the 2 weeks that I weighed myself and I lost 3 pounds this past week even though I feel like I am eating pretty normally but I have been having really bad diarrhea and Dr. M was very stern about me not sticking to the Raw Food plan but he is willing to give me another week before we discuss a change.

Mostly I feel really happy and excited.  I'm past the point of caring what other people think and I am really focusing on being okay with myself and who I am. I want to do more volunteering work because it makes me feel so great when I'm helping other people!!! I also want to go back and do my final year and get my degree... then I have my internship and I'll have to be serious about deciding where I want to go with my career... I really thought I wanted to do Emergency Med. but now I am having serious doubts... AHHH.

I'm going to go make some juice now! Grapefruit, orange, lemon... and apple!

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