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The war is ON!!!

Nov 23, 2008 - 1 comments

We’re coming to a close of my absolute favorite season….fall.  I love the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and the smell in the air.  However, now as the cold temperatures are coming – our outside friends are running for cover.  To wherever they can find warmth.  

So, the cycle starts again.  I’m all cozy in my nice warm house.  As I go to set the table for dinner, I notice a black spot in the silverware drawer.  Pepper, perhaps?  Upon inspection, I realize that it is NOT pepper, nor any other food product.  It’s remnants of our little friends who are looking for warmth.  I’m immediately disgusted.  

As I pull everything out of the drawer to transfer to the dishwasher (to wash on scalding temps!), I find more remnants.  And I become absolutely furious!  I’m reminded of last year, when they came to visit and brought their families with them.  Long lost relatives and all.  

I put out traps last year, and they licked ‘em clean and got away.  I tried glue traps, but those little buggers must have warned their family members and stayed away from them.  Even though I hated to do it, I resorted to decon.  I know, I know…..I’ve heard they eat it, then crawl some place fun like your heat ducts and die – leaving their awful stench to follow.  I didn’t care.  I wanted them OUT.  In previous years, I had even brought our outdoor cat in, who happens to be a good mouser.  But she’s also very hairy, and would leave furballs all over the place.  She also wasn’t real good at taking care of them when she was done – if you know what I mean.  

I placed the tray on my basement stairs, because that’s where they were leaving most of their “presents”.  The next morning, the pellets in the tray are GONE and they’d started to chew the tray!  I put out another tray.  Next day, same thing.  At this point, I know I have a bigger problem than I originally thought.  I kid you not, they went through a tray a day for a week.  Then it started to slow to almost nothing.  HA!!  Thanksgiving dinner is OVER!!

After a few weeks, the “presents” stopped coming.  I was finally able to take my silverware tray from it’s safe place and put it back in the drawer.  I was able to take the bread out of the frig and put it back in it’s drawer as well.  

I was in my bedroom closet getting my brand new pair of slippers out from their box, and what do I find in one of them?  A boatload of decon, and lots of droppings.  In my BEDROOM???  A brand new anxiety came over me, as I imagined these nasty little rodents running around my room.   Possibly on my bed when I was sleeping.  Because you KNOW, they know no boundaries.  Ugh…I hate them!  How can a little creature that’s two inches long put the fear of God in me?!?!?!

I came home from work the day after the silverware drawer incident, and out popped the perp and ran along my kitchen counter, behind the microwave to Lord only knows where.  He didn’t even stay long enough for me to ask if he’d brought his family!  

I went to the store last night.  I bought 8 glue traps and 4 snap traps.  After my son and I set them all up, he decided that he wanted some toast.  I hear him yell “MOUSE!!!!!”  He had forgotten that the bread had been moved to the frig, and I come out to the kitchen to find him standing back like he’d seen a ghost.  I said “Where is it?”  He said “In the drawer!!!!”  Sure enough, up the little devil popped, and off he goes into his hiding place.  I told him as he fled that he better watch it, because he was going to run into BIG trouble tonight if he wasn’t careful!!

I got up this morning, and when I went to make my coffee I see something moving out of the corner of my eye.  Yep, there he was……trying like mad to get out of that glue trap.  I immediately felt bad for the little bugger, and then I remembered last year.  And how dirty and nasty they are.  And how they take over your house, chew everything in their path, all while pooping as they go along.  

The war is on.  I’m well armed this year.  I’ll even resort to bringing the kitty litter box in if I have to and put up with furballs.  

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by SudiQD, Nov 23, 2008
Sorry about the problem but loved reading your story.  I lived on a farm in NJ years ago and had the same problem.  We set traps and would hear them go off at night.  No one wanted to get up to see if we trapped anything so we would wait until morning.  We too got a cat and had good luck with that.  I had a problem one year where I live now and would find mouse carcasses in the bath tub on occasion.  Not the sight you want to see as you get ready for your morning shower.  Since my food hoarding daughter left we have not had a problem since.

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