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vaginal discharge

Jun 05, 2012 - 5 comments

So off and on i have been having clear to yellowish vaginal discharge. It sometimes is oderless but sometimes has a fishy smell. Im not sure if its strong or mild oder because i have never had this before to compare it to. Is this normal? Im going to ask the dr about it on thursday. See if i need to be tested for infections. No burning or itchiness is present. Also have frequent urination, but not going a lot. Is baby on a nerve causing the urgency?

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by Marlene76, Jun 05, 2012
As far as the discharge it is probably normal. I have had this from time to time throughout this pregnancy. At one point the odor got worse and the doctor gave me some antibiotic gel to treat it. It is usually due to the growth of bacteria other than the normal bacteria found in the vagina. The normal bacteria keeps the vagina environment more acidic which keeps the other bacteria away.  Most of the time the body can fix itself and the normal bacteria corrects things, but sometimes it needs help. Your doctor can do a quick swab of your vagina and give you meds if u need them.

As far as the frequent urination, i had the same thing as well. A couple months ago i was having to go often and even had some incontinence. I was worried because it was so early and i figured i would have to wear Depends pads all the time but then it got better. I figure it must have had something to do with his position. It also seemed like as soon as he flipped to head down i was much more comfortable and had less problems with that.

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by cabayer11, Jun 05, 2012
Thanks so much. Your reply was very helpful.

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by Echo30, Jun 08, 2012
I agree with Marlene and also yeast infections are pretty common in pregnancy just due to the hormonal changes and stuff. The first time I EVER got one in my life was with my second child. Totes normal and worth asking about at the docs and clearing up, they're more just annoying than anything else!!!  

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by cabayer11, Jun 10, 2012
I asked her about it and she didn't seem to concerned because the smelly discharge was very often. She told me to start taking probiotics, so I have been taking one a day. Nothing has come back yet. Thanks for the responses.

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by tayatayataya, Feb 14, 2017
vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal, if it's milky, no scent or very mild scent and sort of yellowish when it dries out. www.****************/articles/vaginal-discharge-knowing-the-difference-between-normal-discharge-and-infection Yes, the baby on a nerve is probably causing the urgency. That was at least the case  during my pregnancy.

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