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I'm Pregnant!

Jun 01, 2012 - 0 comments




I had thought that I was having worsening sympotoms from a UTI and it had gotten to my kidneys, thus back pain, discomfort, trouble with keeping food down, etc. was because infection from a UTI had severly spread. The day my sister was to graduate, my dad heard of my troubles and discomfort and took me to urgent care asap. Mind you, I am so worried about myself, yet I do not want to "steal" away my sister's graduation day! My dad and I are here visitig from WA for this reason.

To find out that I am pregnant, not my kidneys failing... was a relief. To know that I'm okay, that I'm "just pregnant"... well... At least now I know what's going on inside of me!!!

I was very shocked to say the very least. It explains more and more when I am able to wrap my head around it. For the next few days the relization grows and grows. My emotions fed into chaos, I finally talk to a friend here, and end up telling my mom and the next morning, my dad & sisters. It was such a relief for it to be known now.

My love of my entire life (in which the first was ALSO our 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! not only my sisters Grad day and the day I found out I was pregnant, what a day!!!) he knew before anyone else although we are 1200 miles away atm. It didn't hit him until a few days later, when his travels and "vacation" from me being gone came to a slow.

I am lucky to know that this is a man whom loves me, cares about me, will support me in whatever decisions are made for OUR life.
Everyone keeps saying "my life, your life" but really, it's OUR life. In whatever choices are made in our relationship, it has always been 50/50. This should be no different.

It has been almost a week now since I found out. I have plenty of books to read (one of the favs from Baby Center) and support of my family around me. I leave for home to go back to life with my man in 3 1/2 days and I could not be more anxious and excited and worried... to see him.

I have symptoms like never before. This is a huge change. Glad to find a source to relieve my thoughts and emotions in this.  

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