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Lucy 06-07-12 - Operation +1

Jun 07, 2012 - 1 comments



Breast Cancer



After a sleepless night, Lucy is finally resting.  She walked around the entire night.  She couldn't find a comfortable position.  We installed ourselves on the floor as she used to sleep with us, as we eid not want her to try to jump on the bed to join us.  At 4:00am, we removed her collar, and then everything changed.  She was able to get comfortable next to us on the floor and finally fall asleep. She is behaving very well with her wounds, she does not touch them.... so far.  Lucky for us as she trully does not like the collar and putting it back would be a challenge.

She did not eat until 6:30am.  Maybe she drank.  Not sure.  But by this evening, her bowl was cleaned.  Good!!!  She has another ready for then she feels like it.  I gave her treat and her blood pleassure medication in a pill pocket and she enjoyed every bite of them.

After 2 hours at home, she needed to go to the bathroom.  Unfortunately, she was not comfortable stepping in.  It is not high, but too high for her at this time.  She pied on the towel we install next to it and looked at us with a sorry look.  We quickly told her that it was OK and wash it immediately and placed another one.  During the night, she felt better and went in her kitty litter box.

The pain seems to be OK at this time. Thank you for the pain medication that we give her every 12 hours but that we can increase every 6 hours is needs be.  We are pretty happy with our decision at this time.  The vet assistant and the vet called us today to follow-up on her status.  We are glad to have this vet as he has been available every step of the way to provide us other contacts to understand this breast cancer better, answer all our questions and did not push us one way or the other on making the decision.  

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by opus88, Jun 07, 2012
oh what AMAZING pet parents you two are!!!!!  I can sooo identify with the concern and treatment of your baby...I was there too with my Opus(not cancer...heart disease)...the things I didn't do for that driving 300miles once a week for months to have his blood pressure done by a heart specialist....and the list goes on for 3 whole years, but every mile and every dime was so worth it...for the extra 3 years it gave him to be with me.
So I totally hear you, abt needing to just TRY and give her a chance for a few more quality years....-)

I am so relieved she is doing so amazingly well and so soon, she is a trouper....eating/drinking/peeing great, that means the pain must be well under control.
I understand her frustration with those dang collars too, cats need their feelers to 'judge' distance/space and they are not only uncomfortable but also unbalanced with one on...and this is very upsetting to them. they can't eat/drink or lay easily. I will send you a link to whats called a 'soft collar' these bend enough that kitties can do all these things with them and than its not nearly as upsetting. you may need this when the stitches start to heal and than become itchy, most good pet stores have them in stock.

The Vet and assistant sound awesome, that is so very reassuring when you find ones you can trust such as that, it makes the whole difference regarding decisions, they all need to be as compassionate and helpful as this team appears to be...

thanks so much for the update, I was really worried abt little Lucy, I am so glad she is doing so well and that she has such loving parents by her side....♥

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