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Thyroid med change... Again. June 8th.

Jun 07, 2012 - 0 comments



med change







Went to Dr. B.  He did not order new blood work for this visit. I told him I was still fatigued and tired even after I switched from Armour only to Armour in the morning and Cytomel in the afternoon. I also told him my brain is less foggy and working better.

He changed meds to Cytomel in the morning AND in the afternoon.  5mg per time, total 10mg a day. Cut Armour off completely. I feel relief for not taking Armour. I have the impression it was not doing much good anyway.

Truth is he's only after money... I think he kind of knows thyroid issues better than regular docs but he seems to be driven by money, mostly. Also he seems to only see the SAME kind of patient day in and day out and seems tired of it. It's annoying to go to a doctor who doesn't really give a s- about you, but I currently have no better option... My PCP wouldn't even know how to order what's needed or read it correctly (FT3 FT4 RT3 and so on)

He said my fainting was not over being hyperthyroid and that in fact I'm not hyper. Hmm... Okay?

Let's hope for the best, I hope to have my RT3 in the normal range again and to feel less fatigued.

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