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Jun 08, 2012 - 2 comments











Eating disorders

So, I'm new to this site but I'm going to give this a shot. Most people unlike me are not as brutally honest about their eating disorder, I plan to be as honest as possible hoping that maybe someone will feel less alone with their mental illness (and yes people an eating disorder is a mental illness and it is veryyy hard to overcome). Now on that topic i would like to say I am not a "pro- anorexic" at all and I am definitely not here to promote, help, or encourage people to continue their illness. I do not wish to talk to any members that would fall under the category "wannarexic" which I classify as someone who aspires to have an eating disorder, wants to "use" anorexia or bulimia as a diet or weight management plan, or someone who thinks having an eating disorder is a way of life or personal choice. Eating disorders are very serious, I will not except or give tips of any kind for weight loss or anything to do with promoting someone to have an eating disorder. If you have a real eating disorder you would not require tips, but if you want to talk, receive support, or anything like that if your ever feeling down or alone I would definitely love to talk to you.

Yours truly:

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by jackie722, Jun 08, 2012
Do you want Help ?

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by truly_perfect, Jun 08, 2012
I am actually not 100% sure, right now it hasnt been too long since my first attempt at recovery and it was deffinetly not a good one nor did it help. I find they focused to much on re-feeding and not enough time working on the mental aspects of an eating disorder (which i feel i need alot of), thank you sincerely for asking but as of right now I think recovery for me is not going to be sucessfull until I feel i am truly ready to go on my own (without the pressure to go from freinds and family, which is what happened last time). I feel that perhaps until im sick and tired of actually being sick and tired then recovery is not the right road for me though somedays i keep the thought in the back of my mind.

yours truly.

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