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Jun 07, 2012 - 0 comments

So... I'm not being treated for my ADHD, depression (currently in remission), eating disorder NOS, because I do not like medications/the way they make me feel...I have been being treated for my anxiety because it had got to an incapacitating point of anxiety/panic attacks and partial agoraphobia which would descend into depression eventually. So I've been treated for the past 4 years with different prescriptions. But what I currently take has done me the best. treating the anxiety helped my ADHD in ways but I still deal with impulsiveness, inattentiveness, the drive to move around & do something, difficulty with communicating because I tend to stop listening/ get distracted while being talked to. Which is hard because the further I get pulled into this stigma that it's just an excuse. Mental illness doesn't care what you look like. But many will say I'm lying, it's just an excuse for bad behavior. A decent looking woman can't have any problems. Her life is perfect - she is perfect. Yeah right- I wish!
So I worry - I'm a student. It's gonna take me longer 2 get my degree. My life is still much out of balance. Im still all scatterbrain. I'm not treating the ADHD. Just calming some of the symptoms. So what choices do I have???? Seriously I think the ADHD is the root of all my problems. The anxiety, the depression - it all stems from the ADHD. If I were to treat it all the other problems might go away. But what I've tried didn't work, made me feel all icky, like creepy crawlers were inside of me. Since I haven't  bothered to try anything else. Should I? Because I'm having a hard time here. I don't want to end up on seroquel to go to sleep & to relax & function. I know that's not how they treat ADHD but who knows???

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