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tone deaf ex friends

Nov 23, 2008 - 0 comments

  Well. I finally told an old exfriend of mine that she was tone deaf. Other women in our singing section had come up to me to ask if I might ask if she could sing a litlle less loudly. How could I ask her that without letting her know? They chose me because they thought we were friends. I decided to do it because we weren't anymore and I realized I had nothing more to lose with her. She didn't show up tonight and I feel happy and sad. Singing is not the only reason to be in this choir and I had made it clear to her that I wasn't trying to make her quit and that she wasn't the only tone deaf one we had in there either - just the only one I personally knew. I just didn't think she should stand in the front row and bellow. I'm tired. I feel terrible that our once tight friendship has turned into this but there it is.

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