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Pelvic Rest

Nov 24, 2008 - 0 comments

Well, I am now on pelvic rest (poor DH). I wish it were that easy. My need to clean and organize my home is really kicking in. I am insane to have started this kitchen project so close to my due date. The clutter of everything out of the cabinets (although I tried to put quite a bit away this weekend) is driving me completely insane. All the cleaning I did this weekend, it is no wonder that I started having contractions with a back ache. I ended up in L&D Saturday night where the doc shook his finger at me about taking it easy and then said that he wanted me on pelvic rest. He didn't go into much detail about what that entailed just said no sex. Of course, I posted and was told this means no lifting or anything else that could put strain on my pelvis. I wonder if that means pelvic tilts and some of the other pelvic exercises that I have been doing are out of the question? My next appointment is December 3rd, so I guess until then I won't do them and then ask the doc what he thinks. Baby was doing good though, his heartrate was around 130 - 150. It spiked once during a contraction to 180, which scared me, but it only happened once during the monitoring. The good news is that I haven't had any spotting lately, which I am hoping means that the placenta has moved a bit further up and is no longer touching my cervix. My next appt includes another U/S to check, but I am almost positive that it has moved a bit. That would be awesome news.

I have been getting more emotional lately. Everything seems to make me cry. I am also so very tired. I feel like I am dragging myself out of the bed in the am after what is **mostly** a full nights sleep (mostly, because I have to get up to pee at least once and sometimes twice). This morning I feel even more tired than usual and I'm not sure exactly why. I wish that I could just go back home and back to bed. But, I really need to "save" my sick and vacation days so that I can get paid while on maternity leave. I just need to make it to the 19th of December, which will allow me to be paid through the 1st of March.

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