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37 week appointment

Jun 12, 2012 - 2 comments

Yesterday I had my check up. I was 1 day shy of turning 37 weeks.
Baby has a hb of high 140's but my fundal height is only measuring at 33!! Last appointment 2 weeks ago I was measuring 32. So only 1cm of growth means ultrasound! They are booking one for me and calling later on today.
She also didn't check me which is fine because I need to finish up work and don't need anything jumpstarted from being checked! lol
She thinks that the lack of growth is the fact of how she is positioned but the ultrasound will just be a precaution.
I'm am for sure much smaller than I was with Brady but can't people just have smaller babies but still be healthy? I don't get it!

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1528695 tn?1360585920
by logigirl, Jun 12, 2012
That kind of happened to me. i was measuring about a week or two shy of my actual weeks during the end of my pregnancy. I went to the er (due to lack of feeling movement) and via ultrasound they found her to have VERY low fluid. At birth (emergency csection -baby didn't tolerate contractions) dd weighed 4lbs even. Now she's small (petite) and skinny but healthy as can be!

689528 tn?1364139441
by Heatherm4, Jun 13, 2012
I have an ultrasound for Friday so I'm hoping they can tell me more then. I hope I don't have low fluid but you never know. Everything about this pregnancy hasn't been exactly easy so it wouldn't surprise me if I had to be induced or something because of either low fluid or lack of nutrition.
My last ultrasound her belly wasn't measuring along with the rest of was 6 days behind. I don't think I'd be as worried if it weren't for that fact.

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