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Meltdowns might lead to ulcers!!

Nov 25, 2008 - 0 comments I am [post-meltdown], with a 'possible' ULCER!!!!  Definitely, not what I wanted to add to my "list" of health issues.  All my 'sick-feeling-like hurling-at-any-moment-miserable-mystery pain' of the past week is leading to an endoscopy next Monday...what a nice holiday gift!  A garden hose down the gullet, with a little camera, semi-conscious, so doc can have a good time traveling around inside my sick stomach...just lovely!  I've had this wondrous 'scientific instrument' invade me once before...NOT pleasant, actually, I don't know why they don't knock you out altogether, ya know?

I am trying to control my nerves, but sometimes the nerves win!  I KNOW that for my own good health, my peace needs to be maintained...and so, with the help of ALL 'my angels', peace will surround me.

You know, I had a response from a wonderful doctor I had contacted regarding 'treating' me [since there are NO local docs who 'treat' Hep C any longer], and he said that from the info I gave him, I shouldn't 'feel like throwing up every day', and I 'shouldn't lose my hair as with regular chemo-therapy', and 'that I should still feel like working and maintaining my household', I'm going to hold on to these positive responses, and soldier on.

I pray that I will be resolute in my quest to lose the [50 pounds of] weight I should lose, it wll only be good for me, not only with successful treatment, but with my life in general.

My darling daughter, and her brand new (Sept. 27th) hubby, (an absolute dream of a young man...God bless him), have finally left [Dallas] today for their postponed [Canadian] "honeymoon"..they're very 'outdoorsey' and have taken their snowboards with them, and some good friends, a couple they knew from LA (where my girl was born and raised and lived when she and the hubby met), and who moved to Seattle, are going to join them in Canada [it's close to them]...I know they'll have fun.  These kids [I say 'kids', but they are in their 30's] deserve this 'holiday', they work so hard, and he sometimes works weekends, "on call" so if "cases" come up he can cover them...[he works for a company that provides surgical prosthetics, pins, plates, screws, etc.], so it's a good thing for them.  They've also started building their home.  They are dedicated to their lives and their dreams, and to having a good marriage...I KNOW they will succeed...I'm waiting for their next 'blessing'...babies!  Yeah, I'm ready for that too, and want to be alive and well to snuggle and spoil them.

Well, I've gotten off on a tangent...not unusual for me, especially since I'm a [ready to write a novel...waiing for the inspiration to truly strike!] semi-writer.  My work history in LA included some 'writing' for a TV station, and creative writing to "sell" parties to clients of a Convention Services company in Beverly Hills.  I've always had the 'writing bug', and hopefully the future includes many [succesful] works...books, screen plays, whatever.  Adieu,for now.

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