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Trying to get to know someone is ridiculous

Nov 25, 2008 - 1 comments

so there is this guy who is a friend of my best friends boyfriend.  We met over a week ago, i made the mistake of getting drunk and sleeping with him.  Well i dont think a mistake because i dont regret things i do it just adds to experience of life!  but the thing is that i think i could like him alot.  he called the next day and we talked but i think the reason he called was to ask a question about the night before not because he really wanted to talk to me, even though it didnt seem like that was it at all.  so then he left his key at our friends house were we stayed because we werent about to drive in the condition we were in, so i found the key and called to let him know i had it.  then he called back and we talked small talk and then made plans for me to get it back to him.  so he met me at work and i thought that would be the test if he was just thinking it a one night thing or maybe the possiblity of getting to know eachother.  i thought that if he actually got out and we had small talk that it meant maybe he would be interested in getting to know me, and if not if i just handed him the key and that was it then that was just it.  so he was very nice, it was awkward but ok, he got out of the truck made small talk but i felt like a complete idiot i was so nervous i never have really had a one night stand so i didnt know how to act.  so i thought ok he might actually want to get to know me.  later that day after talking with a friend and she told me how i get when i am nervous and its awkward that i get distant and seem not interested so she thought i should call and let him know sorry if i acted strange.  he was having eye surgery over the weekend so i said hope it goes well.  and he said he would call me and let me know how it went.  so i missed a call from him yesterday, he didnt leave a message.  so i called said sorry i missed the call i was off work at such a time and to give me a call when he could.  so around 9pm when i finally was done with my busy day i noticed that he hadn't returned my call.  things happen i understand that, but i have started driving myself insane stressing about it.  thinking that from the beginning we only talked because there was a reason not necessarily because he wanted to talk to me, then i think that since he hasnt called back and he didnt leave a message yesterday that he really didnt mean to call me it was an accident.  i am stressed about it for no reason other than the fact that since my breakup he is the first guy that i have even been remotely interested in and to the point where i feel that i am ready to truly move on.  so now what to do i havent dated in like 3 years so i dont know, i guess i will just see if he calls if not then i know my answer.

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by mami1323, Nov 25, 2008
Well, I think at this point, you don't really like him because you don't really know him.  So it's more of an infatuation and perhaps you are interested because it's a challenge.  You can look at it more in a positive light, even if this winds up as just a one night stand, at least you are capable of moving forward and no longer held back by your previous relationship.  Look at it is as a stepping stone that has excelled you forward.  You might just have to accept this as what it was and move on but you know that the next guy you might be truly interested in, you should develop a friendship first and get to know them before taking it to the bedroom.  Good luck.

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