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thickening of uterine lining post menopause.

Feb 16, 2008 - 4 comments

Has anyone out there had breakthrough bleeding combined with a thickening of the uterine lining post menopause that has NOT been diagnosed as cancer?  I would really like to know if there is a chance that I don't have cancer.  My uterine lining measures 6 mm and I am told it should not measure more than 4 mm.  I am scheduled for a biopsy next week.  Thanks, Lenore

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by seastar77, Mar 09, 2008
My mother is about the same age and is experiencing the same thing although she was taking bioidentical hormone (pellets that are implanted). She stopped in May, but the doctor observed a thickening and she has had it biopsied and is waiting for the results of an ultrasound. She is not concerned about any negative results right now, but believes if she resumes bioidentical and then stops for a brief period in order to menstruate, that the lining will not continue to thicken. Her gynecologist told her that she should not take the bioidentical at all - but my mom does not believe that taking it the right way will produce more negative results. She is meeting with the doctor who treats her with bioidentical after receiving the results of the ultrasound. I think taking every measure possible to rule out any negative outcomes is smart on your part, and unfortunately we have to take our health into our own hands most of the time and be responsible patients.

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by GG510, Jun 18, 2008

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Can someone help me with this? I am so miserable. I am a 59 year young women! I don't understand, I have had thickening of my lining a multiple of time. I have had a biopsy done n the office and it showed up negative. Next time it showed up higher so they put me in the hospital and said I had a large polyp on the lining of my cervix. They twisted it out...AMEN...nope....yesterday my lining is thick again. I need to go to get a biopsy again and the doctor claims that if it is a polyp this time she will burn the cervix lining to remove so that it does not return. Is this uncommon?quick note to say hi!

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by pie0814, Feb 25, 2009
Is it possible to have hyperkeratosis of the cervix or uterus wall? My Gyn said I have it and its a thickening and it could be caused by a virus or inflamation.

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by cat914, Apr 24, 2009
I had a pelvic ultrasound because of a CA125 test that came back just a few points higher than it should be. I have a history of breast cancer and did have a small fibroid  several years ago that went away on its own.
Well, no masses found on the ultrasound, BUT my lining was 2 centimeters, very thick. I am 56 and postmenopause. I haven't had any kind of symptoms, like pain, pressure, or bleeding.  I am waiting results of the biopsy.  I hope its not cancer.
If its not cancer, i  am curious as to what causes this.
In the meantime I have started to take "megace" for 90 days to thin the lining.  Gyn said if its not cancerous he would probably do another ultra sound in 3 months and if it thickens again he would put me on progesterin for maybe 10 days every month.
But so far no mention of any possible surgery, or other kind of procedure.

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