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Troll dolls

Nov 26, 2008 - 5 comments

That reminds me... do you remember those little troll dolls?? My daughters used to collect them.. they had all this wild hair !! But they were cute and the trolls on the internet aren't...

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by cirella, Dec 07, 2008
Oh my goodness...I'm about 20 weeks and 5 days of had it up to here.

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by Sandymac, Dec 07, 2008
LOL.... That is GOOD !!!!

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by lvfrogs, Dec 08, 2008
I thought you all were really talking about troll dolls and I was going to say that I still have some of the little ones on my kitchen shelf! Have no idea what you are talking about, lol

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by cirella, Dec 08, 2008
Good news!  I'm 168 months and 3 days NOT pregnant!

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by Sandymac, Dec 08, 2008
    There was a journal written about "Trolls" a week or so ago. These were the trolls that appear on internet sites (such as this) and cause problems, they're usually very negative, they are "high maintenance", repeating the same questions over and over, they are sometimes rude, use bad language..They primarily want attention and the best thing to do is ignore them, but it's hard to do that !!  We've all seen them. It was quite an interesting post but now I can't remember what forum it was on.. although it landed here.. Or maybe it was a regular post. Maybe someone can remember where it was .. I'll try to find it. Really very good.. then, that led to the "real " troll dolls.. (my daughter, who is grown, also keeps them at work ) LOL

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