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Nov 26, 2008 - 0 comments

well today starts the thanksgiving vaction andre and his kids will be home o-boy i just can't waite for that!! all tho i think we are goimg out to eat tommrow. i really just want to get out of this house at some point today i cant take being here with the kids all of the rest of day!! they are allready being wild and they both stayed over here yesterday alll night and probley all night tonight!! plus i cant go to moms this weekend eather!! Andre will not let my child go!! i really hope this weekend fly's by and we get out of here some time or they get out of here  and andre best be in a good mood if i am stuck here with him and his kids!! holidays are ment to be fun and relaxing not spent counting down the hours to when it is over!! i just don't kniow if i can take this much more

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