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Cataract Surgery both eyes, Restore  & ReZoom used, complications

Feb 16, 2008 - 15 comments

cataracts both eyes




multifocal lens


jiggling sensation in eye




flickering light


different lenses used


Restore IOL


Resume IOL


Restore & Resume used together








red eyes


halos around lights



On November 28, 2007, I had Cataract Surgery in my left eye and a Restore lens was inserted.  One week later; December 5, 2007, the Surgeon repeated Cataract Surgery, this time in my right eye and inserted; ReZoom.  I have had a number of major problems with eye pain, blurry and changing vision, gigantic halos at night that look like big wheels and spokes coming at me in all different colors and sizes, headaches, redness, tired eyes, a 'yellow' tint on everything in the left eye and this daily rippling or jiggling movement in my right eye which incapacitates my ability to read and concentrate on even the simplest tasks.  

I am not a person to 'watch' life, I am a participant, yet, this has slowed me down, considerably.  Driving is difficult and reading, a favorite pastime, is no longer enjoyable, but a struggle.  Before the surgery, I was having problems for about a year in a half, increasing as time passed.  Glare was a big part of what I found out to be, a result of Cataracts in both eyes.  Prior to having cataracts, I have successfully worn glasses since the 4th grade, back in the 60's and had no desire to have 'surgery', to eliminate the need for eyeglasses.  I never wanted to mess with my eyes, as I was quite incapacitated  without glasses, so the thought of jeopardizing this in the slightest, was of no interest to me.  (I was seeing 20/400 without glasses and had astigmatism in both eyes and with glasses, was corrected to 20/20)  I had tried contacts - but was unsuccessful, (hard lens in the early 70's, to soft lens, to soft lens for astigmatism as recent as 4 or so years ago, and then just before cataract surgery to see if my brain would adapt to 'one IOL for near and the other set for far, both being Mono lens, which was unsuccessful as well)  No big loss really, glasses have been sitting on my face for over 40 years and I am content with that.

Cataracts, I was not content with. Yet, it never dawned on me that I would NOT see as well WITH GLASSES ON AFTER cataract surgery - then what I could see BEFORE SURGERY!  Even the names... RESTORE and REZOOM were subtly implanted, (no pun intended!) in my mind.  

So, finally, here is my question... I wonder if anyone has ever been ALLERGIC to these, or any lens used?  I DO have many allergies including anaphylactic shock to aspirin, penicillin and eryrethomyicin, hives to other antibiotics, as well as macrodantin and currently take Benadryl for chronic seasonal hives.

I wonder as well, has anyone ever experienced the 'jiggling' or 'rippling' effect in the eye itself (not the muscles around the eyes that sometimes causes our eyes to appear to be twitching) but the actual eye, in fact, the Iris, I believe, to jiggle, ripple and or make light look like it's flickering?  It is very minute and one really has to look for awhile to see it move, but once you see it, you know what to look for which makes it easy to spot the next time.

Both the surgeon and the neuro-optomologist would not take the time to see it.  The neuro guy was downright rude to me and said it wasn't happening and nothing the surgeon could have done would have caused this to happen.  However, he finally, reluctantly looked, not very close up, & did see it once, and said or your eye has done that all your life and anyone can make that happen if they look to the far left or right.  (This was my second time seeing him in as many weeks)  The first visit he told me the only thing that would cause an eye to - and this was his word - twitch, would be either a brain tumor or a lesion on the brain, so he ordered an MRI.  (The results indicated some small ischemic changes and a flow-void and a subcutaneous cyst about 1 cm, which I knew I had as it is noticable and my mom and brother had one as well, no big deal)  The flow-void, according to the radiologist, needed to be investigated, therefore a MRA was recommended.  Which will be in soon.  

This nuero doc was yelling at me and when I asked him for a referral to see another doctor, this time at UCLA, he refused.  (I live in Nevada) Needless to say, I will not be returning to this sad man, for help.

Later that day, I finally got in to see my regular GP Doc, who took the time needed to see exactly what was happening.  And while I am not happy that I have it, I am happy he saw it!  And once he did, he saw it again and again.  (My husband and a friend has witnessed it as well) We started talking about the surgery, and then the lens,  being multifocal, one Restore and one ReZoom and how, when a light is over my head, it seems like as it enters my sight, the light breaks up like in a prism how light is bended. (In the ReZoom lens)  Like as a solid, it's seen with your fingers on one hand touching each other and then spreading your fingers apart, it's broken up.  That's how the light comes in under certain conditions.  (I have since figured out and was told that it is because of the many rings in the lens itself at different strengths)

He asked me if I did any research on cataracts and multi focal lens with key words and while I had researched before the surgeries, like complications from surgery and went to websites about from the makers of the lens, I didn't know to put in key words under google search.  He left the room and within less than a minute he was back with a copy from your website  from someone who had posted the very same question about the very same problem!  WOW!  This first made me happy and then reality sunk in... how many others have been insulted and brushed off and sadly, still -  silently live with the problem.  This is not right and I believe can be resolved, restored and resumed! =)

I'm not very computer smart, so finding this one person and any others out here, will take some help.  And if any Doctor can lead me to where or what I should do next, I would appreciate their help very much!   I just think it's something that is in the process of being discovered.   What I want and only want... is to SEE!  Without ripples, jiggles and flickering lights!  Without head aches, tired eyes gigantic halos, spokes of different sizes and colors, without breaking light rays and everything negative associated with this multifocal lens, which, for me, has decreased my ability to see and my quality of life!

Thank you to any and all who have taken the time to read this lengthly venting and honest quest to gain as much health for my eyes... and my life.  And bless any who might respond...

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by jcourtnellsmith, Feb 25, 2008
I live in UK and I had cataract surgery 24 October 2007. I chose inserted lens for reading knowing that I would still need distance glasses. The result was perfect except for the kind of shimmering effect in artificial light.  The second eye was done 20 February ( after pestering the hospital that it had been over three months since the first op ). I am hugely disappointed with the end result because, a) the world does not look so bright from the second eye which leads me to suspect that not all of the cataract film has been removed, and b) the vision is not as clear so that, ok I can read without glasses it's only because one eye takes over depending on the distance of the print and available light.  I go for a check up on 27 February and I am going to ask if they can fix the problem.

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by Woodsycabin, Mar 17, 2008

I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago on my left eye. My Dr. implanted a far type lens and everything was a success. Now In May, I will be having another cataract removed on my right eye. My Dr.thinks that I have adapted very well with it that way and should consider having the new surgery on my right eye for reading. I do need glasses for threading a tiny needle in order to focus properly but I think that it may work out. Does anyone have an opinion they would like to share with me? I will call my Dr. and find out if it will be the same type of lens as my first successful operation.

Thank you.


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by aleif, Oct 26, 2008
I am in the midst of having the same problems after recent surgery. At first they said no way your eye can twitch, but the doctor and his staff both said that it could happen--they saw it-- YES--and admitted it. The eye is moving from one attempt to see an image to another (twitching from image to image in an attempt to focus) At least I think that's what they said as they looked pretty worried. He said the light from the side is the edge of the lens would hopefully go away. Researching on the internet has led me to believe that these IOLs are not as dependable as they are advertised...remember hard contacts from the 60's...ouch! One thing is clear to me--you need an expert to help you resolve this problem as all my research says "fixes" are a delicate thing. Right now he is treating me with combination eye drops to reduce swelling. Maybe that would help you? I wish you well in your search.

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by Carm152, May 05, 2009,M1

I noticed the shimmering after my surgery from 2 weeks ago.  The above link is an explanation that I found on line.  My main concern when I noticed it was whether or not the flickering was the same as the flashing associated with retina detachment.  From what I can determine it is just a benign symptom and may go away.  My sight is so much better now that I can put up with a little shimmering.  Of course, it goes without saying that I have my retinas checked regularly anyway.

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by bob782, Jun 12, 2009
I am about 6 months post-cataract surgery and have had many of the problems you discuss. Regarding the shimmering or sparkling you experience, I suggest you Google "Herman Grid Illusion". This is a known visual phenomenon that I believe may occur with these highly engineered lenses due to the way they are constructed. I have been keeping a regular journal describing my ongoing problems adjusting to ReStor lenses but am not sure what to do with it. Your blog is very informative. How did you set it up?

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by Ginger7485, Jul 05, 2009
I had cataract surgery 3 weeks ago and had Restore inserted.  So far I can see about the same out of my right eye which still has a cataract.  I'm wondering if I can have the second cataract surgery without implanting Restore.  Also, would it be possible to have the cataract surgery and then install Restore later?

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by SoCal2009, Jul 18, 2009
I had cataract surgery with a standard lens implant 3 months ago and am having a lot of problems with shimmering light  and glare especially if the light is coming in from the side.

I also have had problems with double vision upon waking. After going to a specialist, apparently this is due to the pain block administered just prior to surgery and is a known possible complication. Wouldn't it be nice if they told you all this BEFORE you commit to having the surgery??? Apprently there are other options for anesthetizing the eye and eye area that are more preferred. I also had a hematomoa for 3 onths under my eye that was also a possible known issue that could have been avoided.

Hope others have beeter luck than I did.

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by lynslite, Jul 30, 2009
im a 45 yr old, who had bilat cataract surgery about 4 months ago. i also suffer from the same symptoms that many of you are mentioning on this site. unfortunaltly, i did not do research on the iols prior to surgery. my left eye is for distance and my right eye for reading. im having trouble with my left eye. jiggling/flickering/tired eyes , especially when reading. i noticed these symptoms immediate post surgery. i was told to give it time and wait and see. i have been back to the doctor several times as well as many fellows and residents who all tell me the lens is centered and looks great. in the past month , i developed swelling under my left eye. it looks like fatty deposits from aging. it is also painful , especially after using it all day. i feel this tugging/pulling  feeling, especially, when reading. if it is age, why is it only on one eye and so suddenly? also, it is painful and that is not from age. i have been to occulo plastics/ent , who ,after sending me for a cat scan and scoping my nose ,agree that it is not from my sinus. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A SPECIALIST IN MY AREA OR CLOSE BY PLEASE RESPOND. phila.

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by smiley669, Nov 24, 2009
my husband had cataract surgery on his right eye 7 years ago [they said the other eye is good so far } but he can no longer see out of any of his glsses . he has had his eyes checked over and over again and is told there is nothing wrong .he keeps seeing double when he wears his glasses and it seems every so often the lens implant seems to move and he has to keep blinking his eye to get it back in place .he just paid over 200.00 for his glasses and he can't see out of them ,either but the doctor says he can't figure out why ?? no one really seems to care because they have no idea what he is going through!  another pair of glasses he can't use .he is farsighted so he can see pretty good on distance<thank god    he says he will not get the other eye done  because of all the problems he is having

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by Fred291, Jan 07, 2010
I had my left eye cataract operation almost ten days ago but I am not able to see even 50% of what I used to see before the operation.
I experienced something strange and I would like to know if anyone knows something about it. when I wear a reading glass, I can see very well with my operated eye. Does this mean the lens is implanted in a wrong way or what else could have had happened?  

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by simonne1, May 12, 2010
I am very interested in reading the above.  I had cataract surgery in both eyes 5 months ago (IOL implants), and am now getting quite concerned about the flickering, hazy sight, light sensitivity and haloes. Night driving is hell!  I have (obviously after surgery!) read a lot of articles, which indicate these "side effects" are often seen, but no indication what to do about them. I live in France and have no confidence in the French health system concerning eyes, but I am going back to England for a visit next week and hope to make an appointment with an optician, but I am now concerned that I may not be able to get glasses to correct these problems.  Am I likely to be disappointed?  Are there at least some glasses out there which will help with reducing the haloes so I can drive at night?

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by tonij, Jul 06, 2010
Two years ago I had a Rezoom lens implanted in my left eye. My right eye was not affected by cataract at the time.
I have a detatched vetious and a torn retina.  The tear was lasered successfully by a retina specialist. Over the course
of two years I have had pain, headaches, itching and twitching. It feels like a grain of sand is lodged in the corner of
my eye. In the beginning I had 20/30 vision. That is no longer true. However, what I have learned on my own, things
the doctor should have told me, is: for the first few days wear an eye patch, do not view tv or play games on the internet.
No matter what you have heard, the eye needs time to heal. I am told the cataract surgery did not cause my torn retina.
I am told it is normal for my age (71).  Since I no longer work, I was able to wait it out and now I am mostly satisfied with the lens. In a few weeks I will have the right eye done and will again get a resoom lens. I know what to expect and
I hear too many negative things about some of the other lens. I believe it is like rolling the dice. Maybe it will be good and maybe not. With drug store reading glasses things work okay for me now. Good luck with your lens.

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by cataratstoo, Aug 02, 2011
on the 14 of july 2011, i got my left eye done, is not 2nd of august, and i have had all kind of traumatic experieices with the eye.....initially they removed the patch the day after and i could see clear and bright colours, so i was happy, however a few days after i felt as if the vision has gradually become clothy, in particular i  woke up practicly blind eye even when the night before appaers no to bad when looking at distance, i went to the surgeon who looked and said all seemed ok, and continue the drops.....but instead of  been better i have pass truly hard time,,...tearfull, and unable to drive wiout haven to even cloe the other eye as such diference in eyes if truly ruining my interest in doing other but have my eyes close. iam sore and alike others, i have most times beter vision in the none operated eye, if i overcome this i will not risk my other eye even when initilly was meant tobe operated too......i pray to God as a beleiver that a miricle takes place restoring the sigt and the heath of the operated eye for it would be very very depressing to land in wose sisition........i read that is comun that at times clothy vison can be heal with laser, but i fear dispalcement of the lends as i happen to have develiope too unclear and double if not only unclear and unconfortable but my eye remeins sorre and i am trully sorry at this stage i opted for the operation as i have wear grlases practicALY FOR 40 YEARS AND I INTEND TO CONTINUE WEARING THEM FOR I CAN NOT SEE MY SELF WIOUT GELases upon the damge glases have done to my eyes and i am simply confortable wityh the udea to wear them, only i thought this operation with enbled at times to remove them ANDMAINTAINED MY EYEE SISGT HEATHIERS DUE TO THE HIGT PRESCRIPTUON I WEARE, I wasaid that i will not need glases for distance and even not wanting to see this as a priorty as i like wearing galses, i saw it as a way to aboid blineess perhaps in my life later days...i will not recomend iot no sure why this terrible inasive traumatic reality i am living cvan be call a simple operation.i pray to God he gives me back mysigt and forgive me for acepting tyhis unatural way to regain sisght.....hope remeins but i am not sure the yee will rest and regain the normal natural activite wiout trullyso damagi ng to my life stile. for sure my time in the net will ot be such a long for now research time mades my eye feel shore and hichy and the lot! and the vision i truly pray does not go as at times simply i see blind the response of the eye. i am not sure if the vision comes back to normal i will ever be able to trust to get in a sweeming pool  anymore..indeed i resent this my reality. i have not desire to correct the mispealling i feel rather sick..... so i hope you do understand....this draft andhelps ypou to see a true version of cartarts perfect simply opperation..........God hellp.....i be ok and this nightmare be gone., but my other eye i will not consider this is how i feel today.'

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by Toyoungtobeold, Mar 31, 2014
I had cataract surgery in my left eye in May 2013. I noticed vision problems immediately and the doctor told me to wait a week and allow the eye to heal. I have two different vision problems associated with the cataract surgery. What I experienced was the shimmering/twitching of the iris mentioned in the previous blogs, as well as a dark band in my temporal vision of the left eye.
The dark band condition is called "Negative Disphotopsia". Your typical eye surgeon will not acknowledge this condition because they just want to perform implants. After all, that's how they make their money. Even after my surgery my doctor would not acknowledge the condition. He played dumb. However Negative Disphotopsia (ND) is real and you will need to go to a good Cornea Specialist for a diagnosis. About 15% of cataract patients develop ND. Most patients recover from ND within 30 days to 6 months. Others like myself will never recover. I have gone to 4 eye surgeons, a retna specialist, one neuro-ophthalmologist, and a neurologist. No one has been able to provide me with a remedy. They told me to live with it. A specialist referred me to the neuro-Opthalmologist  stating that they are the ones that people go to see after cataract surgery complications.
There is a procedure to replace the current lens with a "piggy-back" lens but that surgery is also risky and has no guarantees. No one has been able to figure out the cause of the shimmering or twitching of the iris either.
It's been almost a year since my surgery and there has been no improvement at all in these conditions. The specialists told me not to have my other eye done. My message is beware the dangers. Doctors will downplay the risks to get you in, but be aware that there are risks. I know people who had great success with their implants and that is what encouraged me to go through with it, however for me is has turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. It affect everything I do. I get up in the morning and feel disoriented and off balance because my right eye can't sync up with the left eye because the left eye is so screwed up. I have glare problems as well with lights at night and on bright days. Ii have to wear sunglasses all the time, even indoors. I hope someone comes up with a cure soon. Feel free to email me if you care to share info or have questions - d.***@****   Best of luck to all that suffer here.

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by Weary22, Aug 28, 2014
My cataract surgery was done 22 days ago. I am healthy 60 yo female with no past medical history.  I developed fog like vision in daylight and linear star burst type glare  at night on day 5.  I also now have post surgical astigmatism and eye twitching which became worse today after dilation. In addition was told I have developed posterior capsule opacity with capsular creases. The surgery was done with emulsification, which is the safer technique. My vision is worse post surgery and I am scheduled for yag lazer in 3 months as insurance does not authorize until 3 months post surgery.  There is a 2% risk of retinal detachment with yag lazer.  I now have much hesitation about having surgery on the other eye and plan shop around for a surgeon looking for better stats.  

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