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Late Thanksgiving Night

Nov 27, 2008 - 3 comments

Well, it's all over and the dishes washed.  A peaceful moment before bed for me to reflect on the day.  

It's been an interesting one... but overall really nice. :)

I was thinking yesterday, when I was doing my last minute grocery shopping that there is something kind of profound about these shared experiences.  Here I am in the store, buying the same stuff as everyone else to cook essentially the same meal on the same day.  And this is happening all over the country.  An interesting communal feeling in a world that is sometimes sadly lacking in communal feeling.  I liked it.

And then, tonight, I was thinking about all the past thanksgivings.  When I was a kid, sharing a meal cooked by my grandma, with all my cousins there and my mom and grandparents.  Then later, meals shared with friends, family again, my husband (who is now my family and has been for 16 years).  And that made me feel almost like I am sharing the day with my past self (does that make sense?!)  

I don't really have a point here, just musing on some thoughts on the day.  It has been a good one and I know we'll all have many more.  And that's kind of special.

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168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Nov 28, 2008
I share your exact sentiments.  We did Thanksgiving for just my immediate family .. as in husband and our kids only.  

Thanksgiving was my Dad's favorite holiday.  He prepared the stuffing days in advance by drying out the bread to make it from scratch every year using his mom's old family recipe.  My Dad is passed away over 18yrs .. but somehow is is very alive inside our hearts every Thanksgiving which actually makes this holiday somewhat bittersweet and hardest among all the holidays to celebrate because it was "his" favorite day.

I, too, can recall the huge Thanksgiving feasts at my Grandma's house .. she lived in the Pa Dutch area, and so we had oodles of PA Dutch style foods like Apple Butter which I can recall .. all 12 of my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.

Holidays are a special time to reflect on the past and the future :)


609884 tn?1227329403
by Mrs_Savas, Nov 28, 2008
It seems like, as I get older, I think about these things more.  Which I suppose is pretty natural and normal (me, normal?  Heaven forfend!).

MMM, Apple Butter!!!!!!!  Nom, nom, nom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Nov 28, 2008
Apple Butter Recipe:  I e-mailed my Aunt who lives in Pa Dutch area in Pennsylvania .. I'll post it when I hear back from her if she has it and willing to share with the world LOL!!!!!


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