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My pain is somehow making me cold

Nov 28, 2008 - 1 comments










I have been cold and sore all day.  I am doing fairly well keeping myself occupied by doing my scrapbooking and other artistic and creative hobbies.  But, I am constantly having to  remind myself to get to my hobby as I am doing it because I am so distracted by this pain.  LCA

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by kathykay, Nov 28, 2008
Hi LCA I know exactly what you mean. I live in a fairly warm climate most of the year. We do have snow season  but not for long...and it seems the older I get the more sensitive to cold and pain I become. My dad always use to say when he retired he was going to Fla. where it was warm...he couldn't stand Ohio and the winters and sure enough he did. I think if we can keep ourselves warmer....we would have less pain or at least can tolerate it.....Kathy

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