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sex while pregnant....

Feb 18, 2008 - 3 comments

greg came home this weekend. the first time i've seen him in about 3-3 1/2 weeks. so we have sex friday night. everything was fine. so last night. (sunday night) we have sex again. fun times....right? no. in the middle .....he starts FREAKING OUT!!! all i hear is OMG OMG OMG OMG.....i felt it!!! i felt the baby!!! OMG I POKED ONE OF OUR BABIES!!!! i couldn't help it....i started laughing. i look at him and i'm like...what??? he starts freaking out more. i kiss his forehead and tell did NOT poke one of our babies. my cervix is closed. unless you have a penis of titanium you're not going to poke one of the babies. so he starts saying....omg they're going to come out saying PENIS!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! this just made me laugh harder. i tried explaining to him that the babies are not going to come out of the womb saying penis. he won't believe me. he truly believes he has mentally scarred the babies if not blinded them because we had

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177382 tn?1253041140
by DaniWants1More, Feb 18, 2008
OMG that is soooo funny,  I laughed soo hard. Thank you I need a laugh like that ~d

334776 tn?1249968581
by jesslee83, May 06, 2008
wooooow, i was just trying to research *fun sex* while pregnant(trying to enjoy it, you know), and somehow your journal came up.....can i ask why he was gone so long? chris is in the oil field, so i soooooo see where you're going with the every night thing lol...........although i don't think he'd freak out if he thought he'd *poked* something......haha sorry i know you're entry is older, but like i said it came up lol in a strange search!!!

575741 tn?1235669754
by Cootos, Jan 29, 2009
hahahahahahahaha sorry but that's absolutely hilarious!!! He'll never be able to live that one down lol

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