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Why dont "NORMS" get it

Nov 30, 2008 - 6 comments

Im so sick of the "normal" people not getting the issue with anxiety, they always say, "Just dont think about it" hahah what a joke.
Today, my uncle asked my wife if I was on drugs, because It seems like Ive become lazy, and different.
I told my wife to tell him HELL YEAH HES ON DRUGS, MIND ALTERING!
I wonder if he had ever though that maybe from going through extreme ANXIETY AND FEELING LIKE I WAS SHOCKED for over 2 months non stop THE LACK OF SLEEP, and not to mention the lack of being normal AND new medications that the DOC put me on could be causing a slight difference in me.
Or maybe he could think that  "Hey, Jakes finally getting alittle better, and can actually relax, maybe he just needs a day or 2 every now and then to just CHILL, and collect thought...or just to do nothing BECAUSE GOD KNOWS MY MIND AND BODY HAS BEEN IN OVERDRIVE UP UNTIL LATELY.

And I love it when normal people say "I know what your going through, Ive had anxiety too" hahahHAHAHA
Ive had NORMAL ANXIETY also, theres a BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NORMAL ANXIETY, AND HAING A FEW RESTLESS NIGHTS OF SLEEP, AND GAD WITH OCD MIXED WITH LACK OF SLEEP!, not to mention when this all started to happen, I was missing sleep every other night!

The path to getting back to normal isnt a "Overnight" process.

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by MEDdocukno, Nov 30, 2008
hi you sould check out this doctor in relation to your sleep problems, as i am not a specialist in this area, but this guy really does know a few things,
and addresses the problem about how people presume people are lazy, when in fact that most likely is not the case.

Steven Y Park, MD or his article at
makes for an interesting read,
issue of medication, people being classed as lazy ,

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by MEDdocukno, Nov 30, 2008
oh and pay no attention to people who make stupid comments, (easier said then done)
that only result in pissing you off and then resulting in you looking like their statement was correct

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by ILADVOCATE, Nov 30, 2008
First of all you are a person with a psychiatric disability. People have no right to talk in a derogatory and discriminatory manner towards you. Its happenned to me and I educated the people about respecting a person with a disability. What's more interesting is that after having recovered from schizoaffective disorder (read through my posts and journals if you want more details) when I approached the people who had called me "crazy" before recovery, it turned out many of them had issues to come to terms with of their own and some actually are seeing psychiatrists now. This is no such thing as "normal" people. Everyone ends up having a disability some day. Its a universal thing. There are people who accept that face and people who don't. Find more people who are accepting and tell the others, as you have, that they must respect you. Its hard to deal with someone so ignorant they would confuse prescription medication with illegal drugs (its happened to me) but if they are so concerned with other people's lives in general they probably have issues to come to terms with on their end.

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by MJIthewriter, Nov 30, 2008
The "norms" do that with quite a few conditions. I don't like it when they say, "stop obessing" or "get over it". "Act normal" (whatever that is?) I think it's hard for someone to truely understand unless they've actually been there in the midst of an attack.  Then they may get a different perspective.

I deal with anxiety, but a different form.  For me sensory things can trigger an attack such as loud noises, heavily trafficed stores, etc.. If I can get the heck out of the setting, then I can slowly calm down, but if I can't, then it's a different story.

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by monkeyc, Nov 30, 2008
When i hear someone say something that might be derogratory or dismissive I always stop and wonder if they mean it like that.  Mental illness is hard for people to cope with - they do not know what to say or do.  Its easy if you got your leg cut off, they can say to themselves "damn im glad I have both my legs" and they can make a grasp at imagining what its like to be you.

With mental illness there is no such comprehension so they try and reach for anything and often fail spectacularly.  They often do not mean it they just do not have a frame of reference.

Anxiety is one of those terms that people think are easy and you can get over it - you can't but that does not stop the well meaning advice.  Ignore it.

Your doctors, those closest to you and the people you trust are the ones who can help you, the rest are just people, do not give them the power to hurt you.

Oh and on drugs - the only reference people in the outside world have for drugs are the stuff they take - as most people taking nothing more than antibiotics when they get sick and headache or cold and flu pills they have no idea what the drugs we take are like - add to the Valium's reputation for addiction and people make assumptions and weird linkages - the average person has no idea what X or Y drug does and would not know an illegal drug if they tripped over a bale of it (well they might pick marijuana - its green after all).

So when they see people acting a little tired or unmotivated or out of it as we can get on some drugs they make the assumption its dope or something else - we often do not tell people we are taking X or Y and TV shows them all these stereotypes so what do we expect?

We as bipolars have to be open and honest and talk to people around us about what its like - education kills ignorance.

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by jakegorzen, Dec 01, 2008
Thanks everyone,
I guess what it all boils down to, is that my GAD and OCD started from nowhere, and when it did IT WAS FULL BLAST!
Body shaking, phone rings, and I was shookin up for no reason, every other night not sleeping, in and out of the ER.
The ER people thinking I was a drug seeker, or drug addict, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ATIVAN WAS FOR CHRIST SAKE!
They really have a lock down on Benzos here, and when they give them to you from the ER they are reluctant.
Not to mention the whole Health Anxiety that comes with it, thinking Im dieing from....whatever. "I got over that"
My mom always told me to listen to my body to understand its needs, and right now Its telling me to just CHILL and relax, dont care what people say, or think.
Its almost like its telling me to take a few weeks, get adjusted to the prozac "been having different side effects on and off"
and just relax, do whatever around the house....I dont know
And when it comes to my Klonopin, I only take .25mg in the morning and SOMETIMES .25 at night its not like im abusing it, and getting wasted.

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