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Life is never easy, just some days are harder then others.

Nov 30, 2008 - 0 comments

surprize entry


lesson learned

My little kitty scared me to death this last week.  She disappeared for about 4 hours.  My house was torn apart looking for her.  She came out from somewhere but I still do not know where from.  I tore everything apart looking for her.  All I can think is she crawled up inot the lining of our couch and fell asleep.  The lining is now taped.  She is changing colors, getting long and slender. She looks like a mouse when laying down.  If I had waited longer to name her I would call her mouse.  Na, no more name changes.  My own personal life has been really filled with alot of frustrations.  Found out that I am not elgible for any of the programs to help me with paying my medical insurance come January.  If I want to maintain my medical and life insurance I would have to pay over $1,000.00 per month.  As if I had that kind of money.  I also do not know what is is going to happen with me physically.  My impatience is showing.  I guess one area of emotional and spiritual growth was shown this last week.  My hubby and I got into a real yelling match when I told him about the ins situation.  I endedn up intears and wondered how our Thanksgiving would be with hard feelings between us.  My past behavior has always been he owed me an apology and I would pout until he came thru with one.  This time after my crying I decided I would act like nothing happened.  I knew that was his way of usually dealing with any issues.  I did pray alot about things then asked God for the strength to apologize.  I was able to do so and things went really well.  I have learned that I do not always have to be right or expect others to apologie first.  Now if I can take the this lesson then apply it to my concerns physically and mentally, as well as financially I would have nothing to feel panicy about.  Would all those who read this entry and believe in God and prayer please say an extra one for me.  Thank you

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