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How To Beat Insomnia Without Medications

Dec 01, 2008 - 7 comments





cognitive behavioral therapy

I'm inviting all insomniacs on this forum to a special live teleseminar I'm hosting on Thursday, 12/4 at 8 PM Eastern. I'll be interviewing Dr. Gregg Jacobs, a renown insomnia researcher who is the author of the landmark Harvard study that showed that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is better than sleeping pills for insomnia. See http://www.cbtforinsomnia.com for more information about Dr. Jacobs.

During this information packed call, Dr. Jacobs will teach you:

- The 10 most effective ways to beat insomnia without medications

- What causes insomnia and what you can do prevent it

- Why most doctors are uninformed when it comes to insomnia and what you can do to get the best treatment possible

To register and get the telephone call in information, copy and paste this to your browser: http://tinyurl.com/5q247f

Once you register, you'll also get a link to download the recording. You'll also be able to ask your questions during registration, as well as at the end of the program during Q&A.


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535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 02, 2008
Thank you for this information I will go to the site ,I value this input and I will pass it on to others with the same sleep problems,

505907 tn?1258369340
by LetaB, Dec 02, 2008
  I have persiatant insomnia but mine stems (I've been told) from being bipolar so I don't know if this therapy would be helpful.

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by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 02, 2008
We're going to talk about basic good sleep hygiene, which everyone needs to be better at. Insomnia frequently coexists with depression or anxiety. You can listen in and ask Dr. Jacobs yourself if his program can help.

Avatar universal
by sleepyrose, Dec 02, 2008
i feel like i have insomnia due to stress and depression but once i stay awake all mourning till six am, and then sleep all day till 3pm (sometimes if i get lucky enough) is that insomnia also?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 03, 2008

That could be a variation of insomnia, but you could also have delayed sleep phase syndrome. If it continues and begins to affect your life, I would consider seeing a sleep doctor.

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by Kasper87211, Dec 04, 2008
I recently just started having a sleep issue. I get sleep but not UNTIL 6-8AM, Im up all night.

I will admit I'm not doing many Active things like working out anymore as i was and a bit more relaxing/lounging.

I so have Irritible bowel Disease as well.

Not sure the cause.

Avatar universal
by lis552, Sep 03, 2012
I can't. Breath trew my nose,its always trew my mouth, an my boyfriend always covers my mouth what could happend to. Me, I will like to inform him about this.

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