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Side Effects From Going Off Zoloft Cold Turkey

Feb 18, 2008 - 16 comments

side effects



My husband and I were seeing a marriage therapist/phsycologist. She is not licensed to perscribed medication however she  told me that I do not need to be on Zoloft (which was perscribed by another doctor and I have been on for years) and told me to get off of it. So, unfortunately, I took her poor advice, went off Zoloft cold and had terrible side effects such as mood/mental changes, lack of sleep and weight loose. From that she started her brainwashing by taking some of our issues, embelishing on them and tainting my husband as an abuser monster (which he is not) and convinced me to get a restraining order against him or I would never see my children again. She would then continue to put her past expirience with her ex husband into the picture. She would curse her ex husband and then curse my husband and because I went off the Zoloft cold, I was not able to function or think properly on my own and was unfortunately brainwashed by her venim against men and against my husband. Looking back now, she is definately a man hater and has no business practicing.

Going off Zoloft cold was the worst mistake I could have possibly have done. I hope that the damage that this phsycologist has done to my marriage can be rectified. I love my husband very much and the hurt I caused him pains me every day and I pray that he forgives me and we can work things out.

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by kimone, Feb 18, 2008
hi i am Kim i did the same thing that u did i went off Zoloft without tellin my doctor and i had the wose side affects i couldnt sleep , i would get mad at my kids for no reason i would think about hurting my self but i got to  the point that i was gonna miss my kids if i would hurt my self .U can add me to your friend list and maybe we could talk about it

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by michele862, Feb 23, 2008

Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately, I didnt go off of zoloft all by myself, this was a phsycologist that told me to. Which is pretty scary and dangerous. She has caused a tremendous amount of damage to my marriage.

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by kittle73, Mar 18, 2008
hi there. I hope this finds you. I was on zoloft last year in may when i had a relationship come to an end. I wasnt coping well so they put me on xanax and zoloft. Can i just say xanax is addicting and i went off that but it was nothing compared to when i went off zoloft 2 weeks ago. I feel for you. I even weaned down. I was only on..50 and went to .25 then nothing over 2 weeks. The first days off it was ok but by the third day i was dizzy, throwing up, angry and sad. What is weird is when i was on zoloft i felt similar emotions where when i got mad it was extreme. I mean extreme.  Then i had water retention over the last week of 10 lbs within 2 days. NOT NORMAL. So i hear what you are saying. I am here for you if you need anything or want to talk. Zoloft had its purpose but in all honesty i dont think it calmed me down that much.

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by sharatan, May 14, 2008
Sounds alot like a person I unfortunately knew along time ago, these so called psychologists and their god complexes;they get off on the power,of course they have not done their own drugs;at least none of the ones I asked in my long miserable trip of being experimented on.They reeked havoc with my moods/not to mention the physical toll of it all.Sorry about what happened to you and the mess this being did to your important relationship;course they always sleep soundly I am sure of it.Take care.

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by VLA53, Nov 11, 2008
I am in the process of going off Zoloft as my doctor put me on for hormone replacement to help with hot flashes. Been on it for about 2 years now and went to visit a new ob gyn doctor she put me on prempro so I went back to my reg. Md and asked to be taken off Zoloft he gave me a funny look but I told him at the time the trade off not having to deal with hot flashes was worth the bloat and running to the bathroom 3 times a day if you know what I mean that to me was better then hot flashes and no sleep day in and day out.

But now my story gets worse tappered off it no zoloft pills for three days and I am a crazy lady one moment I am fine the next a devil comes out of me and I am blowing my top I am having dark thoughts depressed crying and feel less of a person then I can look at something and will laugh myself to tears .What the heck is going on here I ask myself and my family thinks I am nuts bottom line. I think I'm nuts too!, bottom line.

Any upset from any family members and I blow up had the biggest fight with my husband today and I cant remember us ever having a fight like this just not us.So tomorrow it's back to the doctors sure hope I can get some answers because this is not way life should be. I was ok on Zoloft before as I said my side affects were bad bloat moment I ate I had to be close to a bathroom and I would get the sweats a lot summer time worse of course other then that Zoloft seemed to really help me stay a lot more calm in life.
Any feed back for me would be great!

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by Sensore, Jan 27, 2009
I am sorry to hear that those that are experiencing problems either on or going off Zoloft. The biggest negatives I have faced have been sexual reduction in appetite (like I don't think about girls and guys as much nor about masterbating.) Big problem huh? anyways, what I feel this drug ultimately does is speed up your brain so it is constantly excited - which explains why I am often not that intersted in doing stuff in the physical world- i.e. painting, running, etc. while on the drug. Going off of it, I have to keep moving and doing stuff to not be bored. I can sit there and day dream but at some point, it seems i need to get up and stimulate myself - in a healthy manner. I have to get off of the dreaded thing now (Oh yeah, I feel like taking this **** makes a big joke out of life - like I am a broken instrument to carried to the tuner, to be monitored, to be belabored over and tinkered with (hence the experimentation sharaton spoke of).) Life is meaningless comparatively [I think]) because this boy I like and who looks up to me found out and I feel like a total cop-out - selling out my values of spiritual healing and naturalism.

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by fabulousone, Jun 29, 2010
I've been on zoloft for 10 years. I was up to 200 mg. a day, often forgetting to take it and not remembering in the day until it was too late to take it. It came down to my not being able to afford it because I hurt myself and couldn't work off and on for the past year, and i weaned myself off it over the past two months. I didn't tell my doctor; just did it. I am sleeping better than I was before, am doing well and even handling fear and panic better than ever. So, I've had literally no side effects from going off it. Who knows...I may have to go back on it again. But for now, I am handling my problems better than before and I am feeling fairly good. I think people have a lot of problems with therapists. I'm not one of them. Any therapist in their right mind would not tell someone to stop taking an antidepressant cold turkey. Only a licensed psychiatrist can prescribe meds. Most medical doctors do not like to prescribe antidepressants and recommend you go see a psychiatrist if you have mental issues. You have to be open to therapy in order to get anything out of it. There is nothing wrong with having a chemical imbalance. Look around you...most everyone is on something. Some people are taking the wrong meds, for sure, and some don't take any and should.

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by calico45, Jul 05, 2010
i have went cold turkey of zoloft will the side effects go away and when please help

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by kranky, Jul 15, 2011
i have been on zoloft between 50mg and 100 mg over the last 13 years (from age of 38 to now- i am almost 51). in general it worked very well for me but i tried to go off it and ween myself down so many times and got super depressed and anxious so went back on. the only side affects seemed to be prolonged ejaculation and some concentration decifit - feeling fuzzy for years too. I also saw psychiratrists off and on during this time. Well 3 weeks ago I decided to go cold turkey (fed-up with the idea of this drug in me for so long) and felt i could handle it. But these 3 weeks have been hell. i am like someone else described, like a roller coaster- up and down constantly.  I go from being happy to flipping out, with such pent-up anger. I have been fighting with my wife constantly. I feel not loved, alone, empty, dizzy, just not normal at all. but very few people mention rage. I have not had this kind of anger for years.Is anger a zoloft withdrawal side effect or is the anger just from our relationship problems?  When i look back at my life my, the only time of remembering this type of anger was with a girlfriend when i was in my early 30's and as a teenager. Now I am almost 51 and my marriage and relationship, and the fights and anger remind me of that time back in my late 30's. Yet from 35 to 45 I was married to my first wife and never had this anger (although i was on Zoloft for most of that marriage). I had the worst fight with my wife today and i am so ashamed that i slapped her in the face for the first time in our marriage (and we would fight, burt never physically. we would also maybe have a row every month, no it is daily. I really need help and advice. how can i CONTROL THE RAGE AND ANGER? How can i become normal again? i insist not to go back to zoloft. I have been taking for 6 months all kinds of natural supplements from a really respected ND but obviously that does not help. i beg for advice. thank you.

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by kgirl34, Nov 21, 2011
I have been reading all these.. and thank God Im not alone.. I too am trying to cold turkey off zooloft...  one reason.. i dont have the insurance I used to have and also.. I am trying to see if I can live without it.. im on day four.. and i have burst out in tears the last few days.. Im very dizzy and lightheaded,, i feel so unloved, and so paranoid... my friend told me going on st john's wort is like a substitute, but a natural one...   i need something.. because i have only been sleeping for 3-4 hours the last few nights.. and i have two children to take care of..   so i too need advice thanks

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by tomed, Dec 11, 2012
I quit 200 mg zoloft + 2 mg xanax + aderal cold turkey .I couldn't sleep for a week , thought  people were after me , couldnt leave the house , had hallucinations , extreme mood swings, crying out of nowhere. feeling of buzzing in my head that wouldn't stop.I quit cold turkey because the drugs were making me feel really spaced out and way to high.. it was like i was on ecstasy all the time.. i had enough and quit .. after 3 weeks i could sleep 6 hours and felt pretty normal without , paranoia , anxiety and insomnia.I was lucky i didn't die.

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by kiwi64, Feb 21, 2013
Hi,I have gone of Zoloft after three years of a low dose.It has been a week now and I am feeling pretty out thier,extremely tired a bit moody,but most of all I feel like a bloody space cadet.I hope these side affects dont last to long as It is a horrible feeling and being a busy person I need to have a clear head.I sympathize with all the amazing people above and it is so nice to know that thier are others experiencing the same thing.I am going to be strong and trudge on through as I reckon it could take atleast a month to leave my system.Hang in thier people dont let this little pill beat you!.

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by kristen417, Apr 26, 2013
I had been on about 25 mg of Zoloft for about a year and due to a mistake by me and the pharmacy I had been off of it for about a week so I asked my dr if I could maybe try and not take it anymore. She said it would be ok. During that first week I had no withdrawl symptoms but now I am on week two and I am more anxious than ever, not sleeping well, just feel off. I called my dr so I could get back on it. I can't deal with the withdrawl symptoms and the next time I do decide to try and go off of it I will taper down for sure

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by fed_up_with_drugs, Oct 08, 2013
Cold turkey-ed my way off this poison and got the zap sensations pretty well. That seems to have settled down. I have been off for about 2 weeks now. Last few days I've been listless and just generally discontented. I've had some arguments with my wife and kids, too.

I'm hoping that I get my bounce back soon. It's been really tough. Why did I stop? It was messing with my judgment and messing with my ability to feel emotions in a healthy way. I don't want to go through life like a Zombie. I want to experience life's ups and downs in a participatory way. Zoloft stole that. Along with the downs went the highs. I flat lined emotionally and lost out on life.  Also, if I ever forgot a dose, I would get balance issues and feel week in the knees.

I'm committed to fighting this fight to the end and to get my life back. I'm going to place my faith in Jesus, exercise and healthy food.

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by AdrNroxyNOWjames, Dec 22, 2014
I have been reading these comments and it is good to kno im not alone. I stopped taking my zoloft 200 mgs cold turkey exactly 1 week ago today. I have been on it for 5 years. I stopped taking it cuz my ins ran out and i wasnt aware and couldnt get it filled. I have been so light headed, dizzy spells like crazy, snapping at people one moment and loving harder then i ever had the next moment. I cant sleep, i have an extreme increased appetite, anxiety attacks, nausea, migraines, im really hoping that since im thru my first week that things start to calm down. I really dont want to start taking it again but idk how much more of this i can handle.

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by tracyfontenot, Nov 14, 2016
Me too. 200mgs for 3 years. This my first week off cold turkey. I feel really bad. Worst headache I've ever had in my life. Sore throat. Gland in neck hurt and swollen. Hands numb. Crying for nothing. Every bone in my body hurts. I never realized Zoloft was so powerful. Once I get through this I will never take another anti depressants again. This withdrawal crap is hell.

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