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Enough is enough.....

Dec 03, 2008 - 5 comments

I am ready for this pregnancy to be done with.  For a few reasons.  So let's go on to see all the cr ap I have dealt with so far.  

I find out i'm pregnant, and then 4 weeks later get diagnosed with Infectious Colitis.  So I get on a regimen of antibiotics.  As soon as I come off them, a week later, I start dialating.  Then two weeks later I find out why.  My spleen almost ruptures.  Then I'm in and out of the hosptial.  Then go on to have a hernia in my stomach, that made it completely impossible to move, walk, eat, sleep and all that stuff.  Have surgery to remove it.  And now I can barely eat, and barely sleep.  

I'm so done!

I just want to have the baby, so I can have the surgery once again to completely fix the issue.  Then i'm good to go.  Have 3 other surgeries besides this one to worry about after baby is born!



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183933 tn?1290216962
by carisa, Dec 09, 2008
Oh my Gosh! You have gone through a lot! You poor thing. This baby will be so worth it. At least you know that you will be completely "fixed" after the baby is born. What other surgeries are you going to be having?

326352 tn?1310994295
by lhughes, Dec 09, 2008
Sometimes God gives you a baby to focus on instead of all the "cr ap" that also goes on so that the "cr ap" isn't quite as bad as what it could be because there is another focsu...just maybe longer term than it should...but at least there is a positive to the whole thing.  Focus on that and the rest will follow through.

Been there, know what you are going through.... trust that there is a reason behind all that goes on....

561451 tn?1257476350
by ashiepooh, Dec 09, 2008
Carisa - I have to have my spleen removed, two surgeries on my intestines, and then one on my back!  The back one has been years coming, but the doctors finally got to the point to need to do surgery.  

Ihughes -  That's true, that likely the baby was the better focus of the things, but still.  It's a lot of stress to deal with while pregnant!  

326352 tn?1310994295
by lhughes, Dec 09, 2008
At least you know you'll live to see her grow up.  Focus on the good, sh*t happens.  Be blessed that there is a child.

326352 tn?1310994295
by lhughes, Dec 09, 2008
I'm sorry, that probably sounded insensitive.  What I'm trying to say is be glad you are where you are, things could be so much worse....I have a friend who since week 26 of her pregnancy has been dealing with breast cancer.  Her child is now 18 months and she is now stage V fighting for her life, spending more time in another city approx 10 hours away from her children.  She still holds hope for a cure and feels utterly blessed to have been given such joys in her children, even having to have birthed her son 4 weeks early due to her chemo schedule.  

Your stress will probably have a very good outcome, with patience and time.

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