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And so it starts ..

Dec 03, 2008 - 0 comments





Weight Loss











Thanks to the TREMENDOUS support of my MedHelp community .. I have struggled through two days of some stupid carb/fat craving saying "eat, eat, eat .. enjoy" ... to fight with my brain and my dreams and say "No .. No ... No ... you did and you didn't really enjoy it that much ... and you have to stop now!!!"  

It is remembering your words and encouragement, knowing I'm not alone, and implementing everything I've learned to make it through these two days.  

I'm not starving and the food I eat tastes good .. it's just the age-old battle with my emotions and I refuse to let them win.

NOTHING tastes as good as THIN feels .. and it is my HEALTH at stake!!!  I spent a lifetime thinking .. I'll do it tomorrow and .. guess what ... 51 years went by with my head in the sand and my weight kept climbing.  Will not go there again!!!  This time IS different!

This site and these friendships are the blessing that makes the difference .. and I am in control of my destiny.  

As I work to overcome this episode, my goal is simple .. do not gain any more, keep losing and focus on 1 pound at a time ... post, post, post ... and track my progress.  I will celebrate when I reach 1 pound under my lowest weight ... on my way to 154 pounds .. my goal weight.

Looking forward to all of you and your continued support .. I will need it .. and it is wonderful to share our successes and failures .. it is how we learn to overcome them.

Thanks everyone; you're what makes this place so special!  (((Grateful Huggss)))

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