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My poor oven...

Dec 03, 2008 - 1 comments

I think I may be nesting! Actually, that has got to be an under-statement. Today I took to my oven and stove and decided I wasn't going to be happy until they were SPOTLESS! There I am in the kitchen...yellow gloves and all..about 8 different cleaning things on the floor...scrub pads, sponges and paper towels. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the wire tooth-brush thingy I stole from Adam's work bag! *Sshh, he doesn't know it's missing yet** It took me nearly all day long, but my gosh that stove and oven look brand new!

Of course after I was done cleaning that and realized how nice it looked (not to mention how clean everything smelled) I took to the bathroom with that handy wire brush and scrubbed my entire bathroom. I mean...I was on a step stool wiping down anything I could reach, including my walls!

Tomorrow I think I'll clean the boy's room and my bedroom...I want to vaccum the walls know, to get the cob webs and what not down! LOL :)

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by ashiepooh, Dec 03, 2008
Oh my goodness!  OKay that last little paragraph made me laugh, "I want to vaccum the walls anyways..."  hehe I was like what?  lol  And then I read the rest, and I got it!

So is his wirebrush going to disappear forever?  LOL  =)

well, I am glad you got your stove/oven cleaned because afterall cleanliness is super at the end of the day!  And you wont have to worry about it for a while!

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