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Jan and "Ouch" and "Scary"

Dec 03, 2008 - 8 comments

LOL...... Do you remember the old joke: " It hurts when I push here" and the answer is "well, don't push there".. Foolishness. Sometimes I wonder whether to take some things seriously.. can't be for real.. And, yes, I agree with you. Some of the journal entries would be better if set to "private" . There really is no need for us to know some of this stuff.. Good grief.!!

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by Jan214, Dec 03, 2008
DUH!!!!  I am sorry, but that is getting out of control.  I am answering her now on a post and I am very confused about some things. Maybe we will get some answers.

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by Teresa222, Dec 04, 2008
What a hoot that some of us see things the same way! You could get boring without some of this stuff.

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by cirella, Dec 04, 2008
Never a dull moment on MH!

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by faithbaby28, Dec 05, 2008
I know it has been quite some time since your parents have told you this so let me refresh your memory...

We as women are supposed to nurture and love and educate not belittle those who are  younger than ourselves..  I am young and I have never heard of an ovarian cyst or endometriosis until a month ago so I am baffled by some of the snooty comments being left on this board in regards to me posting. Being that this is all new to me (having a cyst and possible endo and these symptoms) and being nervous and confused and looking for answers on this website I didn't stop to think about the women who are cold-hearted on this board. If my postings are too much for you and you don't like it then don't read them.. I want to make something clear though, I had no idea Dr G only took two questions a day and for that I apologize but I will not apologize for asking questions on this board because that is what it is here for.. For support, to share our stories and to seek the opinions of those who are dealing with or have dealt with a medical issue. If you don't want to read my post and you are sick of it then don't ready it.. quite simple! Im sorry you have nothing better to do than be rude to a 20 yr old girl who is only scared, nervous and confused about everything going on in her body! What you consider a major issue in your life may appear minimal to me and vice versa but I would never make a harsh comment or judge someone who I do not know personally that would just be wrong and shameful to do. I have read some of your replies to other posts and I wasn't suprised to see that your negativity isn't only towards me. Before you go off making RUDE judgement calls why don't you take a look at yourselves first. Im not on here asking for your grumpy and inconsiderate opinions only positivity and support. Who ever wants to make this forum negative should leave now. Didn't your parents ever tell you that "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" ??  Well if not then that would explain everything now wouldn't it? If you aren't going to be kind when you comment on someone elses post then YOU shouldn't be on here. If there is anything I would like for everyone to take away from this post it is this..
Don't ever judge someone until you can say you have walked in their shoes..

Grow up and act your age ladies.

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by cirella, Dec 05, 2008
faithbaby28:  How many place must you post the same message?  Fortunately, I copied the replies you got to your journal, including my own reply.  This will hopefully be the last of this attitude.

From your journal entry "let me refresh your memory":
by dawnlyn
Female, 47 years, OH, Member since Jan 2008, Mood: dawnlyn, Journal Entry:   "I am really worried and tired no sleep la..." [Read], 2 hours ago

Your postings are showing up on the Ovarian Cancer Site.   Some of these women are dealing with major issues - LIFE OR  DEATH issues.  And yes some of them have had cysts numerous times.  So Please to use your words  unless you have been dx with ovarian cancer and or can walk in their shoes a little respect from you is needed.  I read the last journal entry you made and it just sounds like something you would want only friends to read.  Or maybe you could take yourself off of the Ovarian Cancer Forum.

I am one of those women who have had 21 cysts in my life so I do know where you are coming from my first one was at age 19.  I hope you can find the answers you seek and the cyst forum here is a great source of information.

I wish you the best,

From Cirella:
People on here are caring and do want to help you but you seem to be posting your general moods in journal or tracker form and it does show up on both the cancer and cyst forum.  Until you see your doctor there isn't any more to advise you.  As Dawnlyn has said, the women on the cancer forum are facing death and trying their hardest to live positively.  Do they not care about your situation, of course they care.  Asking general questions is fine but at times it seems as if you want someone to walk you through what you are going through.  

I'm sorry people seem to be annoyed with you.  When someone looks back through the posts and the doctor's answers it really does seem like you have functional cysts, which are perfectly normal.  And, you have a lot going on in other areas of your life that are causing stress.  I know you're young and scared and it seems like you don't have anyone in your life to vent to about it.  I don't have cancer but I've been in your shoes with the cysts.  It does not make one bit of difference how old you's still a scary situation no matter what.  

About your
"grow up" and ""if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" ??  Well if not then that would explain everything now wouldn't it? If you aren't going to be kind when you comment on someone elses post then YOU shouldn't be on here."
comments...let me remind YOU that it was YOU who told someone to F off in a ranting reply.  Maybe you should take your own advice.

I, too, wish you the best.

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by faithbaby28, Dec 05, 2008
If you are following me so closely (weird) then you would see that I made my trackers private and took myself off the OVCA board. I didnt know how to make the trackers private or that they were originally made public sorry if its TMI I have corrected the complaints I just think that the harshness of some of the comments are unnecessary. People can take direction just as well if not better when things are done in a respectful manner. Thank you for informing me that these things were showing up I didnt intend to make them public as far as my trackers go my apologies. I just would appreciate it if people would think about how they say things before they do.. Thank you.

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by cirella, Dec 05, 2008
Thank you, faithbaby28.  I know your actions will be appreciated.

You haven't been around here long enough so it probably does seem weird that I did what I did.  Sorry but there have been some people on here who lash out and then delete things in an effort to make others look badly.  We have leaned to cover the bases.  Nothing personal.

Take care.

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by Sandymac, Dec 05, 2008
    It isn't so much that we are cold and uncaring and yes.. we know exactly what you are going through since we have been there... We are simply saying that it isn't necessary to post 8-10 times a day with the same question. And Cirella is correct.. it really isn't good form to lash out and then delete selective responses.And, by the way, it wasn't appreciated when you used every four letter word you know in your response to me.I made a copy before you deleted it.  You have seen your Dr., you are seeing another Dr. , we have patiently answered each and every one of your questions ..We understand that you are scared, but you need to know that whatever you may have,  whether it be cysts or endometriosis, it is neither rare nor unique... It is not necessary to post every single little ache and pain that you may be experiencing.. We know.... we have had them.. and it's good that you have taken yourself off the OvCA forum..and it is appreciated that some of your journals are now set to private.
   Perhaps you need to just calm yourself down (like we all had to do) And don't even talk to us about how young you are and how frightened and nervous. Let me tell you something... there is a young woman in her 20's who is suffering with OVCA.. She is handling her disease with grace and dignity and she would NEVER speak this way to anyone.. she never posts inconsequential things, she never demands attention and she would never whine about every little ache and pain she is experiencing . So don't even go there young lady !!!! Age has nothing to do with anything. It is scary if you are 20 or 80... Wait until you see your Dr. , and try to get a grip ..You have ignored every piece of advice or information given to you by us as well as Dr. G. .. She advised you to try some relaxation techniques...Have you done so? Think not...

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