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Esiei Byoin LC's

Dec 01, 2008 - 0 comments

slow weight gain





Today I went to E. B. for my mastitis and the conected problem of Lillia not gaining.
Their was a translater. Got 3 days worth of A.B.'s and med for inflamation and pain/fever. They said it was due to my diet. THey did not seem to make any connection to Lillia not drinking my milk hence the connected problem of low weight gain. They suggested supplements of 50cc's after feeding.

I disagree that it is my diet only that is the problem because I have gotten it when i ate very well too.
They did not express any interest or motivation to figure out why she is not drinking enough of the milk (that they said I have plenty of)
I was happy for the meds though and for the suggestions for my cold body type.

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