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A Gift for My Daughter When She Gets Older

Dec 04, 2008 - 2 comments

Is it a good idea or no?

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by pcarsey, Dec 04, 2008
Absolutely lovely idea!! You know one of my friends did this with her daughter and son... then found out she had cancer. She passed away May 07 and they have this beautiful gift to forever hold close to them. But I will say, she also added video segments of her talking to them, little things she loved the most about them at a given time, etc It was sooooooooooo touching!!

oh..... she had no idea when she started then that she even had cancer!


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by vsentz, Dec 04, 2008
sniff sniff...

you made me shed a couple of tears girlfriend! ='))

Beautiful! Aubree is absolutely breath taking!

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