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Methadone Withdrawals!!! Help

Feb 19, 2008 - 43 comments

Methadone Withdrawals

I have been dealing with this issue for far too long. It is time to grow up and get a life. Stop making excuses, deal with the pain and get it over with already. I went for 6 days without having anything in my system and i thought I was going to lose my mind. I thought the muscles in my legs and arms were going to jump out through my skin, hot, cold, sweating, couldn't sit still and forget about sleep.  
That was February 8, 2008 to February 15, 2008. Then what did I do, stupid me, took some Methadone. Well Now I am out again and no way to get any, and I am so sick and tired of spending all of my money on this ****. In 4 years time I have spent $28,000 just on Methadone. Someone please kick me.
Today is February 19, 2008 and tomorrow I will start the withdrawals all over again. I wish I had the means of getting that recipe, it sounds like it would make it at least tolerable. Well with or without it I am going to overcome this demon, it has had control over my life for far too long. There are just a some things that I am scared to death of and it may sound crazy but the biggest fear I have is ME. Who the hell am I?  I have forgotten.
By the way....I lost my dad in August 2007 and my mother just passed February 7, 2008. I am doing this for my mother. I hate that I didn't do this for her while she was alive, but I pray that she will watch over me and keep me sane and most of all I hope she will be proud of me........... someday.
any feedback will be appreciated..Thanks

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by boldsojah4christ, Feb 20, 2008
Yeah skippy meg is right and i dont even know her but i know her fruit and her fruit comes from the living word of GOD! and that is the only way that i know. i lost my twinn brother back in 98 and a year later i lost both of my grandparents and 2 be honest with you that took a lot out of me  i started back drinking using drugs to help cope with the lost.but that was only temporay becouse as soon as i came down from that high i felt the same all over again! now it took me from 98 to 2008 to really get back focused on christ. and to start putting him 1st in my life and when i started doing that now i realize who i am again and that is a man of GOD who is sent on a mission to win souls n2 the kingdom of heaven and 2 share my life testimony 2 others so that they too can change. now you dont know me from a lump on a log lol! but i love you and so does christ that is why he died on the cross 4 our sins and it is not by luck that he sent me and meg to you.GOD has a purpose 4 ur life and that is to be a testimony to others about ur situation whether you know it or not. and you say you dont know who you are anymore the devil is a liar you are a child of the most high! GOD bless you and stay encouraged

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by Savas, Feb 20, 2008
What's your situation like? Are you getting your stuff on the street or through a doctor (from what you're saying, sounds like street). Are you well informed on the whole withdrawal process (...I mean, beyond going through a week of pure hell when you run out. :)  )  

I know where you are (have been there, was on oxy, then, heroin, then methadone...finally got it under control and have tapered down to the 3 milligrams I'm on now.) and the hardest thing is getting just a few days/weeks in a row where you can take a breather and figure out what the hell you're going to do.

The FIRST thing you need to do is take a totalling of your "assets". I mean what you have, what you can do, and what you have access to. The third is crucial and it's best to do this with someone who's gone through what you're going through. Usually, they'll have info you DON'T have that can give you the options you need. Do you have anyone or place you can go to to do this?

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by skippysizemore, Feb 20, 2008
Yes...on the street. I buy 100mg and then water it down to make it last for 4 days. so I really do not know exactly how much I take each day. I am not feeling too bad at the moment, the thing that is getting me is the fear of what's coming. I know far too well what is in store for me for the next 3-4 weeks at least the next 5 days. I have went 2 weeks before without it but I have forgotten what the second week was like.  I live with my fiance' and this is the best place for me to be. Very supportive atmosphere.

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by jrizz, Feb 20, 2008
methadone is the hardest much are you taking eaching day?....I know right now you feel like everything is chaotic, you cant make sense of anything, but the most important thing right now is to take the first step in reclaiming your life and that is going through the first phase of withdrawal. You need to have support and committment. Then, when uneasiness has subsided alittle you need to make a plan...but you need to know this is a process, and when the acute withdrawal symptoms are gone you will feel other waves of uneasiness and thoughts of confusion and disarray...You have to keep focused can do just have to know that your life is on the other side of this battle, and your going to feel hopeless and wonder who you are....everyone does....One step at a time...patience....and you'll beat this....

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by feohmoon, Feb 20, 2008
I am also detoxing from methadone - tomorrow I will take 35 mg., going down 2 mg. daily.  In my journal, I have posted a few things that are natural remedies that might help you...and I am not sure if this is correct, but I want to say it is avisg(sp?) that has milligram info for the vitamins in her journal.  Search the Thomas recipe too.  This can be done - you are in the riight place to make it happen.  
Once my father passed away in 2001...I just changed...drastically and I realize all of that was meant to be...that was the path here...I am so excited to get beyond this addiction...
I agree with meg in the aspect of faith making it easier - I also believe it is important to connect with the higher is also important to remember that it is all right.
If I can help you at all...please let me know...I am sending good energy to you!!!!  To all of you (and me!)
There are a few people detoxing from methadone, we will keep up with each other.

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by Savas, Feb 20, 2008
You're buying street methadone in liquid form? We call that colored water around here. :) Well... that's a huge problem right there. Detoxing (especially with liquid street methadone) is almost impossible. Something always goes wrong and screws it up. I'd tell you to try to save a portion of your dose from each time, but it's almost a guarantee that after a few weeks your dealer will flake or something similar will happen and you'll be stuck going through your stored stuff. You need to have a few weeks were you aren't frantically focused on when/how you'll get your next bottle so you can just keep getting by (what I meant about what you're doing in the next few days/weeks. I meant beyond just doing this over and over).

You're in indiana? Shoot, I wish I knew something about the state's policy on drugs...I take it you don't have insurance? Are you working? If they're similar to NY, then if you have no obvious income, generally you can get on state insurance. Do they have a clinic system there, or is that one of the states methadone is illegal?

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by skippysizemore, Feb 21, 2008
The bottles are unopened and sealed when I get them. Yes there is a clinic here. I don't know anything about the state insurance stuff. No I am not working. It is legal in this state. Feeling bad......

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by stevesis, Feb 27, 2008
savas you really need to research before telling someone to go get insurance to get more drugs. IT IS possible to get off of the liquid ,  after shooting the liquid for 4 years my brother is now clean for 2 mths. was he sick ? definately,did he have pain?? yes ,he was confused . depressed, emotional and sick . but we prayed, bought imodium and  some natural vitamins to help him sleep.and with the depression and he is feeling better each day . Is he 100 percent ? no way , this drug strips EVERYTHING from you emotionally,psycially and ,finacinally. It takes time to heal all . so hang in there. It can be done research and find out what can help you. you can be a strong , healthy person again.It is not easy I know personally I am a recovering IV meth addict .I now have 11 years clean

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by staley34, Mar 12, 2008
i too have kicked it.100mg.liquid a day for 10 about 5 mos.down and it is still very hard.the initial w/ds are bad but dont last that long,2-3weeks depending on how much u were taking.the part that gets me is the post acute w/ds.the symptoms of depression,no motivation,ambition,no interest in anything really,but i will have a decent day here and i know that one day i should be back to acute w/ds ive read and talked with others say it can last for 6 to 18 mos.   i know that sounds long and it is,believe me,5 mos. is long.but we will have our life back,our feelings back,our appearance back.b/c i know that when im taking it my face gets really pale-i dont see it but everyone tells me so.anyway,i hope this helps you.think about how long we have been doing drugs.that little bit of time will be worth in the end.

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by TinaM364, May 16, 2008
im 26 days clean off methadone i was on it for 9 months at 70mg then went down to 10mg and then cold turkey.  
the worst is behind be but im depressed, cant sleep, think about the drug all the time, no motivation.  Im so tied of feeling this way. How will i every fuction in life like this. My family wants me to get a job.  I cant even make it through the day at home sometimes. IM SO AFRAID!!!!


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by Er27, Jun 02, 2008
Just keep it up!!  This sickness is only temporary.  I took my last dose on 5-23-08 after being on methadone for 3 1/2 years.  My husband did the same.  I still feel like **** but it has gotten so much easier.  Looking at the span of our lives this will be such a short time.  I feel like I wasted all my time taking meth and it robbed me of my focus on so many important things.  I can't wait to see all of the extra money we will have too.  We spent $9600 a year on the junk for over 3.5 years.  To wake up and not have to be dependent on some medication to function every day will be such a blessing.  I forget who I am too.  It will all come back to us though.  I have been thru this before other drugs and it always gets better.  Time heals all things.  We just got married in September of 07 and my little sister died in 3-07.  So much has happened that I wish my head was clear for.'s never too late to start new.    Good luck and God Bless!

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by Anyone493, Jun 07, 2008
Hi all. I know my problem may anger a few as my addiction revolves around trying to come off of 5mg of methadone a day though sometimes I did take up to 30mg/day on occasion. This is my second time trying to come clean, the first time being EXACTLY like what is being described but it was cold turkey and I was taking 30-50mg/day. After 8 days of taking nothing I was in terrible shape, I don't think anyone here needs me to explain. That was almost a year ago.

My real question much longer do I have to endure these nagging withdrawals, again, I have extreme empathy for those of you coming off of much higher doses.

I have taken less than (or around) a quarter of a half of a 10mg pill for the past five days. In other words, about 2.5mg a day. I have read that tapering off this devils tool is best outside of seeking professional help. I have searched extensively on the phases or duration of methadone withdrawal on the internet but have been unable to find any information I am looking for.

I have the joint pain, lower back stiffness, some sneezing, runny nose, headaches, IRRITABILITY, mood swings, and extreme sweating. I have brief moments when I feel like I may be coming around but they are brief and are followed by depression, anxeity, followed by a need to sleep a while.

I take the smallest amount I can to avoid going through even worse withdrawals. But I know that even taking 2.5mg/day will need to cease and my personal withdrawals may become worse.

My question, how long are the withdrawals coming off such a low dose? Please remember, I have already weened myself off of a steady 5mg-10mg/day regiment for a 6 month period. I guess I'm looking for someone who knows, been through, or is currently going through what I am now. Is there anything I can take, drink, or eat that can help with the uneasiness or do I have to just endure it?

Finally, my heart and prayers go out to those who are trying their best to beat your demon. I can relate to coming off - cold turkey- from much higher doses and I only had to go a little over a week before I was able to ease the pain by taking a little more methadone. I'm done, no drug will control me.

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by castdownnotout, Jun 08, 2008

You have described just about exactly where I am in my attempt to wd at home and this was my third time to try to taper from 20mg a day to finally 2.5mg.  Wd is not much different if you're wd from 20mg or 2.5mg or so I have exp.   I'm 8 days in cold turkey, from 2.5mg a day.  This is like hell.  Well, you know all of the symptoms.  The worst is the depression, anxiety and just the absurd thoughts that death is an answer.  If God can't help me.  He'll have to take me home.  I  will not give up if every devil in hell comes down on me.  One of these days I am going to use my experience to tell people the truth about one of the devils' most powerful tools to destroy people today.  I used to work in the medical field and was truly ignorant about the horrors of methadone.  Today to be honest, I'd have to say it's been a bad day.  I feel like I'd have to get better to die.  Yesterday was better.  Hang in there and pray, pray, pray, even when you don't want to.  God has a plan for us we just veered off course.  Prayers to all!!

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by seacoastnh, Jun 10, 2008
is anyone on here

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by stuid, Jun 21, 2008
hi i am on oxycone 15 mg and oxycotin 5 mg i have been on pain pills of one sort or onther for the last 2 years  i right now have fibroynalga thats why im taking oxys right im running short this month and have had to take 2or 3 a day when im use to taking 12 so im having withdrawls your mabey asking why so many well im suppose to take 4 oxycodine and one oxycodone at bed time i have a big tolance to pain pills so most the time i have to take more then im suppose to to help my pain so what im asking is what can i do to help my withdrawls not be so bad i have to work and im scared to death how sick im going to get  is there someone out there that cantell me a home remity to help me with my withdrawls untill i can get my prescision .filled

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by scaredmom330, Jun 21, 2008
there are meth clinic in indianapolis, how close are you. the first visit is like $120, then 40 each visit after, I did'nt use them but heard for the first week you have to go either every day or every other day . also look  in the phone book for meth clinic they have them, or pain clinic's in your area that will take you with out a dr referral, then they will help you with detox, help with the cold chills, bugs crawling under your skin, you know all of them. Or if you are close to Anderson Indiana go to The Anderson Health Clinic at the hospital they will help you as an outpatient, and you only pay what you can. if you are not close to them., check some of your local hospitals. hope this helps.

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by zeezy, Jul 05, 2008
by zeezy,

I have been on methadone for 7 years.  I went from 40mg to 7mg over a long period of time.i told my doctor i wanted to go off the stuff completely because i felt i was losing myself- he told me i needed to go on hydromorphone first and withdraw from that- and i was also put on clonidine. still the worst is my muscle pain, stomach cramps, depression, all over pain and sleepiness.- and I'm still taking 2.5 methadone at end of day.  has anyone one else heard of doing this or went through something similair?

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by Christine30, Jul 10, 2008
I came to this site three weeks after my living hell with withdrawals.  After oxycontin abuse I made the biggest mistake of going to the methedone clinic where I continued the journey for five years.  Once I made the decision to free myself from this drug, I truly had no idea how bad the withdrawals would be - and truly believe if I had known the hell I was going to put my family and children through, I'm not sure I would have gone off.  Going off Methedone is the hardest thing anyone can do.  BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!   After the torturous physical withdrawals, I became depressed, fatigued and scarred to death I would never be able to function as a normal person without the daily boost of Methedone.  I'm so happy to say now that I have survived - and I am now in week four.  I am getting stronger everyday.  I'm taking multi-vitimans, eating heathly and trying to exercise - which is still difficult.   My depression has lifted and now I'm just working on getting my strength back.  I just want anyone out there who is having such a hard time and wondering if they can physically and mentally make it --  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!  I wanted to die at one point, but looking back now I'm so happy to see how far I have come.  Please don't give up.  It will be very hard, but you can do it........    

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by Terracer, Jul 22, 2008
I have been on methadone for a year now and it's time I quit wasting my life on this garbage.  August 6th I will begin a self-detox off methadone.  I have been "talking" with Dr. Dave and I have got my various vitamins and supplements ready. I have done a week before and felt like hell so i know this is going to be very, veryhard to do but the price is worth every pain.  I want my life back

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by Darth_Doner, Jul 26, 2008
This is for everyone that is coming off or has run out to early or what have you. I was the latter about 3 days ago. No one should quit cold turkey, not only is it dangerous you are just torturing yourself. I know everyone is paranoid about going to the ER because they'll just label us addicts right? Let me tell you any Dr. that calls himself a doctor is not going to let you suffer through Methadone withdrawal. I explained me situation to the ER God bless his soul (which by the way I begged the almighty for his intervention). I explained to the Doc that I no longer had transportation to my out of town pain doc and was starting Methadone withdrawals. Despite having a history of opiate abuse on file at the ER he scripted me 40 Methadone 10's and Ativan to boot, God bless his soul! The morale of this story is don't torture yourself, seek professional help, at the very least goto the ER. You never know who might be on shift, maybe an angel?

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by Darth_Doner, Jul 26, 2008
That should read I explained my situation to the ER doctor. I think we all know how loopy we can get on this stuff, am I right?

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by rachael0314, Aug 19, 2008
I am on 6mg daily methadone with a Dr assisted taper. I have gone down 5mg weekly from 58mg. I was doing GREAT, little to no w/d symptoms! I plan on walking off the methadone at 6mg, planning for this to be my last week... I am not sure if I am just freaking myself out or what? I feel like I haven't had a good nights sleep in a week! I toss and turn, my thighs feel tight and agitated. I tried tylenol PM to no avail. Sadly, I tried drinking wine before bed, no go!
Please give me some ideas to curb the w/d!!! I am determined to walk off at the 6mg. I can't see paying $200 a month for less than 6mg. ( I go to a clinic)
I was using heroin, smoking it, daily for about a year when I entered the methadone treatment program. I am not worried about relapse from heroin, but am worried that I may never get off the methadone.
Anyone> ugghhhh

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by withdrawals, Sep 01, 2008
Can someone answer this?  I've been trying for the past month to get off of methadone completely.  It's difficult, to say the least.  I was only taking about 25 mgs for the past year (more before that) and for the past couple of months have been hovering between 7 and 10 mgs daily.  The past few days, I've gotten down to 3 mgs and then stopped altogether.  I'm generally a very motivated person, owned many large enterprises and always working on new and fun projects but my motivation is stripped, gone, dead and that is the worst.  Not to mention the anxiety and weakness, all wrapped up in one big ball of FUN!  So, any ideas, help would be very much appreciated!  Thanks...

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by PAIGEGIRL, Sep 07, 2008

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by hotrodstash, Oct 10, 2008
hi, i have been using drugs off the street for about 7 years straight, detoxed off pills many times, but then i found out about a methadone clinic which was the worst mistake, u don't realize it until u come off of it, im current in the second round of coming off the ****, first time went 7 days detoxing at 1mg a day increments until done, i could not bear it, 7th day i went back, this time i got my mind straight, and mental thoughts together and went down 5mg a day, this was acually easier, with the help of nerve pills and smoking some weed made all the difference, i about 9 days in from being away from the clinic, the worst of withdrawals symptoms r gone, getting off the done is a big sucess even if ur taking other things, done is the worst, it changes brain chemistry and everything and has the longest half life then any other opiate, my point is, if u can just get the methadone out of ur system, thats a sucess, u can come off anything, the subsitutes i took arent even a quarter as bad as methadone, my first time detoxing i was under a lot of stress, that does not mix, this time was no stress, took my vitamins, lots of vit c and b6, make mini routines to keep yourself moving, and u will know when ur on the upside of it, and in my situation the subsituting for another drug, well those only take about 3 days of hell, which is y i wish there was no meth clinic, i was better off before, and the whole time i was on done for a year and 9 months, i felt like s***, so ur damed if ur on it, better off without it. well 4 anybody reading this, i've been straight up so hope this helps, and hope to persuade some people not to go to clinic if there serious about getting off drugs. its easier to get off the stuff u were on before.  

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by Reddingmtbiking, Dec 08, 2008
I am now 3 weeks clean of Methadone, I got on it after a bought with Vicodine and Soma, the detox on those were nothing like what I have been through with Methadone. Each day brought a new symptom, restless legs, nervousness, aches and pains, depression beyond belief, sleeplessness, upset stomach..... on and on. Today, I called the Dr. who prescribed this to me, and have an appointment to go back tomorrow and I am going to see if there is anything he can do to lessen the pain, without going back to Meth.
For those who are going through this, please know that there are us that are in it with you. I have a strong faith in God, and a relationship with Christ, and without that, I would not have had the strength to get through this. It is a very destructive drug, and I feel it should be outlawed. Nobody told me about the withdrawels when I first started taking it, and I don't know if that would have changed anything then, but how I wish I would never have started them.
The only thing besides my faith in God that has got me this far is one day at a time. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. God bless you in your struggle, and please know you are not alone.

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by n33dhelp, Dec 23, 2008
I have been taking 2 10mg pills of methadone a day for 6 months. If I can take 1 pill every other day for a week then 1/2  every other day for a week, ...1/4 every other day ect. how bad will the withdrawal be? I also have a prescription for klonopin and I heard 800 mg ibuprophin (not over the counter) but a prescription would help.
Has anyone out there ever detoxed this way? I have never been addicted to anything in my life and I'm extremely afraid of the withdrawal. Please help me ......What can I expect? I have had people that are extremely addicted and take 100 mg a day say withdrawal this way will be a piece of cake!!!???

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by starbuckgirl, Dec 26, 2008
i was taking viocodin 4 about 2 months for back pain, started taking more than what was prescribe 2 me. my doc said to stop taking that much it has tylenol in it, so she prescribed oxycodene i have been taking 15mg 4 about 2 weeks now. i tried to stop one day and felt awful, now im afraid im addicted, is it going to be a long time to come off them, and is there anything i can do to deal with it? is that normal for someone that has not been on it that long of a time? IT WAS HELL

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by treznor2, Jan 06, 2009
Starbuckgirl, whatever you do, DO NOT GO ON METHADONE TO QUIT!!...I know you are going to feel lousy for a few days coming off oxys but you will get through it trust me.  I wish I would have taken that advise myself.  I am now on methadone after being on handfuls of pain pills for a chronic pain issue.  I am down to 14 mgs and trying to get get off.  I work as a contractor at the Veterans hospital and my insurance isn't the greatest I have also been going through some really horrible things with my family as I have been wrongly accused of something that has kept me from my children for awhile.  Anyone that knows me knows I am a terrific mother and very close to my children so this is hell.  Things are slowly getting better with my kids but the juvenile court system here really criticizes methadone, that mixed with lack of money is motivation to get off.  However, I am afraid that this is going to screw up my job.  The unbearable cramps at night mixed with the horribly loose stools have already started and I am not even below 10 mgs yet.   Sitting here and reading through these posts has made me realize that I HAVE to go to work tomorrow and be honest with my boss.  She is a very kind and understanding person and who knows what kind of help can be sent my way by simply asking.  You do the same but whatever just DONT DONT DONT GO ON METHADONE!!!

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by robert7777, Feb 28, 2009
I have been on Methodone 20-30 mg's. daily for the past 7 years and have weaned down to 2.5 mgs. and now have been cold turkey for 6 days. This medicene helped with my chronic back pain but is currently very difficult to get off of. I do not advise this med to anyone after experiencing these w/d's. With the Lords help I know I can make this happen and so can you. I never knew any substance could wreak havaoc in ones life as this drug. My heart and prayers go out to all  who are getting off methadone.Miraclously, after my pain subsided I didn't need pain meds anymore. However, I am going through another hell of ridding this stuff from my body, spirit and soul. Its hard, but the rewards will be woth it.

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by Octavia605, Apr 18, 2009
I do not have my full dose for one day. Usually it is 85 but all I will have is maybe 15. I know I should take Imodium for the upset stomach and diarrhea that I will have. I was wondering if anyone out there knew how to make it easier for just one day. Has anyone tried a 10 mg Valium? I think maybe that will help with the anxiety. I have been on this for 4 years now and I have tried to detox once. I went from 85 to 20. At that time I was not ready. I will do it again. I know now that no matter what I will have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. What does bother me though is that I keep hearing from Doctors that some people may have to take this all of their lives. I look at it like this. Let's say that you are an athlete and you have continually hurt your knee. You stay off it and the Doctor mends it time after time, but each time it is less likely to heal because it has been damaged so much. This is how I feel about the brain. I have damaged my dopamine receptors time after time and just like the athlete with the problem knee my brain can only repair itself so much. An athlete might eventually have to have his knee replaced and an addict might have to take methadone for the rest of his/her life. How do you feel about this analogy?

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by babydollz188, Apr 27, 2009
I know only too well what ur sayin about gettin off the meth & not even knowin who u r !!!!! I am a woman of 52 yrs. old & have been on & off the meth program since 1979, i know all about losin ur mind, but i still have th overcome this devil inside me. I was on 120 mil now im down to 50 mil. i have been detoxin myself every 2 weeks 10 mil. now im down to 20 mil. i must overcome the lil bit of pain that i know i can stand its the mental thing thats makes it very hard !!! I wish u all the luck & happiness in the world & i will be prayin for u as i do myself now. peace

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by arcangel48, Sep 09, 2009
I have been on meth for about 5 months after a herion addiction , and out of desperation I went on meth thinking that was the answer to get off. There is no doubt that if i could do it again I wouldve easily chosen just to get sick off the herion . I am now on day 7 and i actually went to a clinic that prescribes naltroxone. The doctor gave me about 6 to 7 differrent drugs that helped me with the symptoms of withdrawls. I was on 70 and weened down to 17 before i stopped, My first day i will always rememeber rocking back and forth cause i coudnt sleep for the first 40 hours, but my doctor eventualy gave me somthing to take for sleep and i finally went to sleep and for the sake of getting sleep i felt like i could deal. WHAT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST IS THAT WHY IS THIS AN OPTION TO US ADDICTS. I just cant justify getting on somthing that is most difficult to get off, I wish one day we can adopt the amsterdam approach which treats addicts with the same drug that they are addicted to and ween off that and not touch the horror which is methadone. For people doing this I suggest you get a support group that you can depend on , since it will be hard on them also. My heart goes out to my mother who stood by me like a rock and when i thought i could not go on from the horror of meth withdrawl she would sooth my sweaty back and say you can do this baby and  i love you,,,,,,look we are all human and the worst thing you can do is give up , I know right now  my body is nowhere near 100 percent but i am off methadone for the first time in a while and i am making it through my day , so please go to a doctor who has expierence on these matters and they will give you some non-narcotics that seriusly help you go through the process. THE REAL THING I WANT TO SHARE WITH PEOPLE ON THIS SITE IS THE DRUG NALTROXONE PLEASE LOOK IT UP , It does not work like suboxone or comes in a pill or shot form and all it does is blocks our opiate recptors so if we went to get somthing it wont have any effect except getting sick,, to me its the best after care avaible in the market casue it is not a narcotic and the best thing is if you ever want to get off it there are NO WITHDRAWLS. i still have some methodone traces in my blood stream but in two days all traces should be gone and i will no doubt get on the 30 day shot. It is my opinion that since we are addicts the worst thing we do is relapse, thats why we need to arm ourselves with every possible thing that can help us , my formula to get off meth is LOVED ONES, A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN KICK COMFORTABLY, GOD, AND PROFESSIONAL HELP, My heart goes out to everyone who is trying toi get off this sht. I myself should be on naltroxone in a couple of days and then i can focus on getting better . I am so tired right now it ***** , but i feel like im getting better day by day.

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by Passive, May 22, 2010
I started taking Methadone in liquid/juice solution about six years ago. My dose gradually made it up to 135mg/day until I started dropping by half every so often. I finally made it down to 12mg/day and jumped off nine days ago.

It was only bad for maybe five days then got better. Regardless of what anyone tells you - this is a mental game, period. There are physiological facts that can't be avoided - i'm not disputing that. But a strong frame of mind and willingness to hack the pain pays off and you get your humanity back.

Also had wicked anxiety while on the drug = all through the detoxification process i've had absolutely none.

             I wish everyone luck in getting off this crap who wishes to do so.

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by luckyinlife, Jul 15, 2010
I work in a methadone clinic as a counselor but I'm 17 years sober from alcohol and never was on drugs. I see the fear in my patients when I talk about getting off methadone. The fear keeps them from trying. Some patients are down to 2 mg per day and are afraid of the final jump. I know happy, joyous and free. If it were me, I would go through any pain to get what I have now, and my life back. Good Luck and prayers to anyone who tries!

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by Cincinnati_Guy, Aug 21, 2010
I've learned a lot from reading these msg. boards on opiate withdrawals and I think I should jot down my own experiences as perhaps I can make someone feel better. I started out buying poppy pods (from Izmir Farm when you could still get them shipped here) and drinking that awful tasting, make you gag and retch tea. Next, I tried Hydrocodone from an unused ER prescription and began using that for a while. Later I discovered that Oxycodone was much better, but soon found myself tallying up pills per 24 hrs. to make sure I didn't poison myself with acetaminophen. I regularly used faster than my "friends" prescription I did the WD thing A DOZEN TIMES!!! More recently I began using methadone because its long half-life made it far superior to the others. I used 10mgs ( injecting) at first, but eventually maxed out at 90. Later I used 60mg every 24 hrs. and did this for a couple years. Earlier this very week I abruptly quit the 60 mg program (no money anymore) and now, one week later I'm feeling pretty good. Just three days after stopping I did something I now know was very stupid - I ingested 16 mg of Suboxone thinking that the methadone was all out of my system...WOW, talk about opening Pandora's Box! Instantaneous, full-bore withdrawal symptoms...I was with my parents all day and, while they knew I didn't "feel well", they still are unaware of my problem over the past 8 years. I was about ready to confess all and ask to go to the ER...but common sense took over and I just suffered thru it! Anyway, long story short, about 24 hrs. after taking the Suboxone, I returned to almost normal. One week into Methadone WD and, while I don't feel 100%, it's very tolerable and to be honest, more pleasant than MS-Contin or Percocet withdrawal. What makes Methadone WD Hell for some of you is its long half-life...but this is also a benefit. Because of the long half-life, it very slowly fades from your system leading to milder symptoms though much longer duration. To me, it appears that it will be a very mild, although long period of detox. From what I have felt so far (one week now) I can easily handle quitting it. Why I'm telling everyone this here is to remind everyone that each individual is different. Just because a lot of people's experiences here sound really horrible (and I know you're not exaggerating) it doesn't mean that YOU will necessarily have the same symptoms, or take as long to detox...Just remember that before you decide to quit cold-turkey. In my experience, tapering down has never made much difference-- a 10mg habit is just as difficult as an 80mg habit. If you can make it past the first 5 days or so, you'll find you feel much better. Sooner or later all of us here will get our lives back!

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by Cincinnati_Guy, Aug 22, 2010
Oh Yes...and I forgot to mention one very important suggestion-- if you are addicted to any opiate (besides methadone) and you really want to quit while remaining well enough to work and take care of the home...choose the Suboxone route. If you still have pills and is the time to make plans in advance for the suboxone treatment (don't wait until you are in WD or broke to do this!!!)It's easy to find a Suboxone licensed doctor in your area via the website, or the US Govt. health & human svcs. has a website. You'll need to call all the docs in your town and find one who is not at their maximum quota of patients. Induction is expensive, like $600, although some insurance plans cover it. It means you have to visit the docs office 3-5 days so they can adjust your dose and get your WD symptoms suppressed. After that, they might ask you to come once a week...or if you're punctual, well-dressed, and respectable, they'll bend the rules and send you off with a months supply. You then only need to come once a month for a five minute visit and script writing. These visits are a rip-off as they cost $150 just to write a script! The 30-day supply costs around $300 if you pay full price. It is not cheap, but much better than the black market and it is also "respectable" don't feel like a junkie! I think it's a crime that the majority of Suboxone doctors don't take insurance (cash only)...but it works and you feel like your old self again! Take my word and hundreds of others...suboxone is the best way out!

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by zoey0315, Sep 01, 2010
Hi I was on heroin and cocaine for 7 years and ive been on methadone for 3 years now. I stayed at 120mg for about a year then wen't down gradually for the next couple years. Iam currently on 5mg and been taking this amount for 6mo. I want to get off of this so bad!!! I haven't tried yet but i have at a much higher dose,and i've gone a day w/out it and i can't stand it. I'd kick heroin again before i'd attempt at this. I really have no choice because my husband is about to get off of it. I used to go to the clinic for it but it got way too expensive and i was at such a low dose that he could just supply me with some of his. Oh and hes at like125 and giving me what he thinks is a little but it may be more. So im not sure what to do. The reason im writing this is because i haven't had any today and im thinking about just quiting cold turkey! But as i sit here with my nose running,my body freezing/sweating,legs acheing ,and sneezing every 5minutes i start to change my mind. So I've read that eating yougurt and things with antioxidants and probiotics help ease the pain. Something about nutrients help when the methadone detoxifys your body. Has anyone tried this and if so did it help? I really would appreciate yalls output on this matter. Thank you for your time.

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by zoey0315, Sep 02, 2010
To add I just want to say I'm so scared, its been bout 12 hours since my first comment and my frame of mind is completely different!! I don't want to do this cold turkey,I just can't take the damn leg pains and stomach cramps. I figured sinceI had been on such a small dose for so long it would make it easier. Let me just say bull $***!! Its just as bad. I can't sleep,my nose won't stop running,I keep going from hot to cold hot to cold,and my thoughts are raising faster than ever!! I've kicked heroin/cocaine and i was shooting up $100 a day!! That was nothing compared to this!! It was pure hell but the worst was over after like 3 days,then its just mild discomfort.(In my experience) I thought i could do this but i can't i give up. My husband picked up his take home doses this morning and he's on his way as i type to dose me. I hate this its just like when i was on heroin,always had to have my fix!! The only difference is it's legal,and i don't have to have it every couple of hours or so and it lasts longer. Yeah you can work,and lead a pretty productive life but it still controls you!! If you want to go out of town you have to make sure you have your morning dose! The clinic i went to made you wait until your step level was high enough( Like 2 days,4 days,1wk,2wk,30 days etc)before they would give you enough. I wish that i would of looked more into the effects of taking methadone before i signed up. All i cared about was not getting dope sick b/c my habit got worse after i kicked the first couple times. If i could go back i would of tried suboxone or went to some detox center.But  Clinics always tell you the good things not the bad. Its a business to them and they want you hooked so you keep giving them money!!! Its a twisted f***ed up world we live in. OK i just needed to take my mind off of this feeling so i hope you enjoyed my rant. >>>>

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by MsBunny1, Feb 27, 2011
My boyfriend and I are on a methodone program in Wisconsin. We are on 150mg per day. The methodone program that I am at hasn't had a Dr. for 2 months, when is the time my boyfriend and I decided we were going to start coming down on our doses 10mg per week. We are on state health benefits because we both recently lost our jobs and have a 3 year old son together. Now our governor Scott Walker is trying to take away all state benefits which pays for our treatment and my sons health care, and also all the treatment for about 75% of the other clients that attend the methodone program that we are at. What to do? We are unable to go down on our dose because the clinic has no Dr. and our insurance is most likely going to be taken away from us and most of the other clients at the clinic. The reason we started the methodone program is because everybody made it sound like it was the best thing to do. Yes the counseling is good, but the methodone is not. Before we started the program nobody told us that methodone was 10 times harder to withdrawl off of. Even getting admitted in the program my counselor never mentioned anything about it! I'm now finding this out from the internet, from you guys, from people that have been through the withdrawls! So here we are stuck I'm freaking out, scared, I've been through opiate withdrawls many times and it was terrible, so bad that it's had to imagine that there's a drug harder to withdraw from, but there is and it's methdone, and my boyfriend and I are going to have withdraw from it 150 mg cold turkey, with a sweet, innocent 3 year old boy. What are we suppose to do? If you have any suggestions or you have been through this and have something, anything that can help our family please help.

Please if there is anybody out there that can help us please do so. We are good people and we do not deserve what is happening and what is about to happen. I pray for anybody that is going through a similar situation. God bless you.

Sincerely, MsBunny1 and family

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by inlovewithanaddictonparole, Mar 07, 2011
Input, Please~I was a hardcore 12 yr weed smoker~1oz hydro a week, $500.. while doing that, I owned/operated 3 differant companies~including tanning salons & boutiques.
Well, 3 1/2 years ago I got involved w/ a guy that does herion by needle injections. Before, I came in his life he OD 2+x..

So, I wanted to see what this drug was about. Well, it's intense (I was PRODUCTIVE), very rare. Well, he's been locked up 2x's just got out of a 18 month sentance in Aug. Did sniff for few months, nothing hardcore.
Then when he came home I decided not to smoke weed anymore to be strong for him. Not fair I do my drug & he can't
As, months went by he ran out of a pension check he got $15,000 GONE by Oct( 2 months). I noticed my spoons GONE. I knew he was back to his ways. I started sniffin $10 bag every 2 days w/ him. I decided to STOP using in Jan, knowing a FACT that I'm done~So, started w/ liquid Methadone for last 2 months $20 street dose lasted a week. Well, I'm cold turkey~Haven't had it in 4 days. I'm doing ok~sleeping for 2 hrs, sweating/chills, diharea (bad spelling). How long is this goin to last? I have some very important projects ahead of me starting in 3 days for a solida month, on weekends.. I don't wanna do anymore drugs. I thought when he saw that I could go without, he'd do the same~NOT!

The saddest part is he just got another check from his pension for $19,000 because he hasn't worked as an ironworker in over a year able to take all $$ out. Well, I came home fri evening & he was in bathroom for 3 hours. I'm so afraid now that he has access to instant cash he's gonna double his dose & OD. I've been an enabler, just as bad. I tell him, he can do that damn drug anywhere~just not in the home. Well, he triggered my emotions & I kicked him out. I so wish I didn't have strong feelings for him, he's a train wreck. Writing bad checks on accounts closed, steals scrap, runs out of gas. I'm 41~never been married & no kids. He's 33. we gotta grow up. He's at his dad's now that's the best for him, they didn't talk for 6 years~I reconnected them when he was away. his dad asked me if he was using (If, he knew he'd stop all communication w/ him). I don't know what to do. He's on parole. Since, he left, took most his things this time. I found needles, socks w/ blood, detox pills, reciepts & just got his banking info on the amount of 1 of the reciept.

I want him to get help, he's tried & tried. Met this dealer @ parole meetings. I wanna go to his family & let them know, knowing he'll want nothing to do w/ me after. But, I truely do care & wanna see him get help. His family can't stand this ****. But, damn should try & help him.. Take his phone, keys & money. Let him sweat it out. He's a man & had to in prison..The family think I'm a crazy lady because we fight so much. But, he's irratated & it hurts me & i feel let down.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM... What to do???

I'm tempted to call him with my withdrawels. But, wanna stay strong for myself. I CAN/WILL get past this. just would like some input... Thanks in love with a herion addict..

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by saradenunzio, Jan 03, 2012
I WENT TO MY METHADONE DOCTOR YESTERDAY FIRST I BEGAN AT 120MG IAM A 51 YEAROLD WOMAN THIS DRUG HAS WRECK MY LIFE, on JAN 4/11 blacked out in my car hit a telephone poll, then my great doctor put me on conjectction which is a withdrawal drug and it made my brain go weird idn;t even know where I was who who I was my sister rushed me to the hoospital and they told her within two days I would have been a vegtable or dead. I was in this hosp for 4 months till they fixed me up again. My doctors stuck me in a rest home cause i could halrdly talk or walk my family thought I did all this so they all let em go, just my sister stood by me, anyway at this moment my legs arm are so painfull I could cut the off, know I went and got some moriphine to ease this pain works for a while, here in canada we get carries I am only aloud one evry Sunday. I told my doctor i was going to go off it cold turkey to here what he would say, he said you can't I went why not, he replied it is to dangeous you will get really sick, well how sick he looked at me and said death. i went yo told me this drug would me for me well i was so mad at him I said this drug wreck my life nit fixed it. any way they told me at the rest home I would not walk cause f the damage to my body. fooled them have my own apartment it isn,t fricken easy with all this pain. My x lover left me over this drug don,t blaim himat all he told me Sara don,t go on it please I have seen what it did to people well i listen to thise stupid doctors now i sit alone. haven, had agood night slepp since this drug one hour or 3 hours here and there when will it go away I am so afraid now.
feel like i am dieing
anyone can email me at

need help.

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by lilfilly, Jul 04, 2013

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