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CD14 - 4th Gonal pen(follies grow very slow-small ovaries)

Dec 05, 2008 - 0 comments

small ovaries


follies grow slow

My u/s this morning was not really 2 tiny follies grows very slowly.. the other one was increasing in size..though  11mm only..accdg to my RE it was still very very slow considering im on my cd14..and furthermore my ovaries really looks very small..w/c means my eggs are lessened already..w/c is abnormal at my age at 33yo and in productive yrs..

well..its really quite not a good news for me ttc..but im still hoping that on dec8-mon, my next appt..will chk again my follicle..i really hope it will big already..pls continue praying for me and to any one who had experience this pls let me know your feedbacks so that i can have any idea regarding this matter..tnx in advance!

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